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Entryway Re-styled

Jan 6, 2017

Entryway, foyer, or "foy-ay" as my mom likes to say...whatever you call it I have a big one. My last house didn't even have one when we moved in, but I was able to create a tiny one by adding walls when I closed in a formal living room to make it a home office. I was so happy to have a big entrance in my new home so the kids didn't bounce of each other and the walls as they walked inside. They reminded of me of little pigs trying to get into a pen. I didn't realize I would have to furnish it like a room until I started decorating it. I kept adding furniture and decor and it just never seemed to fill up. I can now sit three people in there comfortably and I'm not even finished. I could have a party in this "foy-ay."

After I took down the Christmas decorations I re-arranged things a bit. I moved the wall clock from my home office and added it above the bench. The colors and size are perfect. It's a bit too farmhouse for the look I'm trying to achieve. It worked in the last house, but I want something different here. Eventually, I'd like to replace it with abstract art as soon as I find the right piece. It will help offset the rustic table and add a bit of elegance. I also added the blue and white umbrella stand. I had mentioned to my mom that I was looking for one and she happened to have one. What are the chances of that happening?! I found an umbrella with a dog head handle at ZGallerie that I just love. I hope my family knows it's decor!

A better view of the clock.

And more pillows! I found a couple of these in a spare closet. I had forgotten all about them!

Even though there are things I want to add like artwork and a lamp or two, I'm just happy this space finally looks finished. Of course you can't see the other half behind me in this picture that's completely bare. It never ends!

My Black Friday Find and More Christmas Decor

Nov 28, 2016

I may have finished my Christmas decorations a week ago, but as usual I pick things up between now and Christmas as I see them. These gold reindeer were just calling my name!

I've been eyeing this mirrored tray at ZGallerie the past year for my coffee table and I finally bought it once I noticed there was a 20% Black Friday discount. It's a bit hard to see since I covered it in greenery, but it's the perfect size for this table and it made an instant difference in the entire feeling of the room.

I've been putting off buying it because I've been way too overwhelmed with all of the projects going on around here. Now that I'm coming down to the final details of my living room I decided it was time to finally finish it. Well, the custom drapes and massive chandelier that will require scaffolding to hang because of the tall ceilings will be held off indefinitely because of the cost. I can't justify such minor details when an entire home office remodel will equal the same price. Other than those projects and maybe some future woodwork, I am working hard to finish this room by the New Year. I received my final major piece of furniture today, a console table for behind the sofa. It fits in perfectly and just makes the room feel so much more finished. I'll show it to you as soon as I find decor to accessorize it. 

Now, for the best seat in the house! I popped in the dining room to take a quick picture of the chandelier I decorated a couple of weeks ago. It was then I realized the seat at the head of the table has the best view of the entryway and dining room decorations. 

Like most people with formal dining rooms, we rarely use ours. As I took this picture I vowed to have more family dinners here instead of standing around the island eating with maybe one or two of us at the breakfast room table. There's just something about the holidays that makes you want to bring tradition and celebration back to every day life. I guess that means I need to start cooking again so we have something homemade to eat here!

Fall Mantel and Entry

Oct 1, 2016

It's finally fall! The best part is I am feeling it even in Houston. Cool mornings and evenings, warm days...ahhh! It's so nice to go outside and not melt. If we could just get rid of these mosquitos!

I pulled out my fall décor a couple of weeks ago, but it just didn't fit my style anymore or my new house. After thinking about it, I really just wanted lots of candlelight, cozy throws, pumpkins, a bit of sparkle and a fresh flowers/greenery.

I love the eucalyptus I bought at Trader Joe's for $2.99. I had so much of it I made two more arrangements from it. Crazy! I've never been into fresh flowers, but I have to have them weekly now. When I was in high school I thought the flower arranging class offered was ridiculous ( I was going to be a serious RN, which I am except the serious part), but now I'm regretting not taking it. I spent way too much time tonight arranging my hydrangeas and eucalyptus I just bought. They look good, but I keep side eyeing them and turning the vase in circles to be sure. Maybe flower arranging is not for perfectionists. FYI, if you need inspiration Carolyn Roehm is a master at flower arranging and I stalk her Instagram regularly for ideas. I'm also coveting her gardens and hope to one day have a formal garden to cut fresh flowers. Just typing that makes me feel really old. Let's move on.
If you've been following my chair saga, I finally decided to order a second one. I still need a small table between them and add pillows, but I just throw whatever pillow or blanket ends up in the living room. My kids are always moving them around. One day there was a plaid blanket in the living room and a couple of days later it was a faux fur throw that I found. They all seem to work fine so I just roll with it.

The only fall décor I added to the entry is the orange flowers and mercury glass pumpkin, which is plenty considering the front door has been piled high with mums. I'm waiting a bit to buy pumpkins since our days are still warm. Real pumpkins are nice, but not when they attract bugs. The wildlife in my new neighborhood can be a bit terrifying at times.

I'm also in full party planning mode. My younger kids are 8 and 10 so I decided if I ever want to throw a Halloween party now would be the time. I remember going to a Halloween party when I was in elementary school and it being such a blast. I hope I can re-create it for them. They are so excited, which is refreshing since things never went as planned when I tried to plan events several years ago. Sometimes they act like little adults now instead of kids with their pumpkin spice latte requests and adult observations. My 10 year old recently left feedback on Chik-fil-a's website to complain about the new zesty buffalo sauce and then decided to make it a campaign to bring back the original buffalo sauce on Youtube. I just about died laughing when he said, "The link to the feedback is in the comments." Future blogger? According to him, the money is in vlogging. Okay, Mr. 10 year old! Bloggers, take note!

Foyer Update

Dec 6, 2015

Shopping my house is my favorite thing to do. Besides saving money, it's instant gratification. Move a few things around and you have an entirely new space. Sometimes it creates gaps to fill, but sometimes it doesn't and you get to mark things off your shopping list. This is exactly what I did when I received my new foyer rug last week.  I absolutely fell in love with this gray rug and if I could have run out to shop for the chairs to go with it, I would have. I did the next best thing and grabbed my two dining room armchairs to "just see" how it would look. I loved the color combination and the arrangement so much I decided they are going to stay there indefinitely. Luckily, I already have six side chairs in the dining room that can be arranged so it looks complete. I just saved money and didn't have to wait on new chairs to arrive. That brings me to another tip. Before ordering new furniture, use existing furniture to create the layout you want in your room. It will ensure you are buying the right pieces for the space. That is, unless it's my living room. I can't decide for the life of me if I want the chairs or the sofa to face the TV. I switched it again this morning. Never ending!

The dining room with six side chairs (sorry, if I'm blinding you)


This spot functions so well, too. It's a great spot for women to drop their purse when they walk in the door or wait for someone by the door. I've also realized it's a quiet spot to talk on the phone and still have an eye on the kids in the living room.

After Christmas, I'll be finishing it off with lamps, pillows, and artwork. It's a little hard to decorate around that huge reindeer on the table. I'm not one that's big on Christmas decorations other than ribbon, greenery, and ornaments. I had to have this guy though! I think he needs a few berries in his wreath, but I'm exhausted so maybe next year.

I ordered these new garlands for the stairs, too. They are pre-lit and battery operated so there are no wires to trip over. I only added a few ribbons and large pinecones since it's full enough on it's own. I would show you what it looks like lit up, but I'm nervous I'll mess up the timer!

I am finishing up the Christmas decorations today and will be showing you the rest of those soon. I'm also getting a few new pieces of furniture Thursday. I can't wait to see how they finish off the living and dining room!


My Two Favorite and Inexpensive House Plants

Apr 15, 2014

How was your weekend? We had great weather here and then it turned windy, cold and rainy yesterday. Before the temperature dropped 35 degrees we took full advantage of the weather and bought enough plants to turn our backyard into a rainforest. At least that's what my 8 year old called it. I love my kids perspective on our projects. I'll have pictures later in the week of the backyard (or rainforest) once the sun comes out again. I also picked up two of my favorite house plants while out shopping. I love them because they go in any room.  Most of the stores have their orchids out, but only the grocery store has them for $10. That store is HEB for fellow Texans! I picked one up to replace the one I killed in the living room.
I've been moving it around the house to see where else it could go-the mantel, the coffee table, the end table, the bedroom, the bathroom vanity and tub (it's called a garden tub after all :), and the entry table. It looks good everywhere!  I also bought a couple of regency palms since Wal-Mart had them on sale for $10. You probably noticed them on my upstairs balcony in a recent post.  DSC_3432
I have two of these on the balcony. One is behind the camera in the corner. They are great for privacy when I want to wear my pjs out here, which I did yesterday. Not to mention there's something about palms that put me in an instant vacation mood. As with the orchid, I've been moving them around the house and they look good everywhere. One ended up in the entryway.  DSC_3864

And the other is in the living room.


I also like the way they look on the front porch, the office, the bedroom and the dining room. It's a great and inexpensive way to fill an empty corner. Doesn't every room have one of those? Now, I'm off to find a couple of new planters!

Christmas Home Tour 2013

Dec 3, 2013

Welcome! Come inside and my little elf will show you around.

christmas home tour

There he is! His name is Mario. He' Italian elf?


Because my decorations are neutral in the back of the house, I decided to go with a pop of red in the front.


Off the entryway is the dining room. A small centerpiece and a bit of ribbon is enough for everyday, but I do plan on putting together a tablescape for Christmas Eve.




Once you turn the corner into the living room the décor is completely different. It's cool and neutral, which blends perfectly with the room.





Mario is all ready for Christmas in his holiday sweater. I think red is his color.


Seriously, could he not be a dog model?


He doesn't move once you put the sweater on and I had to walk around him to take the picture. I wish my kids would take note!

On the other side of the great room I continued the neutral décor, but I did add a few pops of red.





Looking from the kitchen into the living room.


And from the living area to the kitchen.


I also put a tree in my boys' game room. I needed a place to put our sentimental ornaments and the ones that the boys look forward to seeing every year.



Thanks for stopping by!


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