Foyer Update

Dec 6, 2015

Shopping my house is my favorite thing to do. Besides saving money, it's instant gratification. Move a few things around and you have an entirely new space. Sometimes it creates gaps to fill, but sometimes it doesn't and you get to mark things off your shopping list. This is exactly what I did when I received my new foyer rug last week.  I absolutely fell in love with this gray rug and if I could have run out to shop for the chairs to go with it, I would have. I did the next best thing and grabbed my two dining room armchairs to "just see" how it would look. I loved the color combination and the arrangement so much I decided they are going to stay there indefinitely. Luckily, I already have six side chairs in the dining room that can be arranged so it looks complete. I just saved money and didn't have to wait on new chairs to arrive. That brings me to another tip. Before ordering new furniture, use existing furniture to create the layout you want in your room. It will ensure you are buying the right pieces for the space. That is, unless it's my living room. I can't decide for the life of me if I want the chairs or the sofa to face the TV. I switched it again this morning. Never ending!

The dining room with six side chairs (sorry, if I'm blinding you)


This spot functions so well, too. It's a great spot for women to drop their purse when they walk in the door or wait for someone by the door. I've also realized it's a quiet spot to talk on the phone and still have an eye on the kids in the living room.

After Christmas, I'll be finishing it off with lamps, pillows, and artwork. It's a little hard to decorate around that huge reindeer on the table. I'm not one that's big on Christmas decorations other than ribbon, greenery, and ornaments. I had to have this guy though! I think he needs a few berries in his wreath, but I'm exhausted so maybe next year.

I ordered these new garlands for the stairs, too. They are pre-lit and battery operated so there are no wires to trip over. I only added a few ribbons and large pinecones since it's full enough on it's own. I would show you what it looks like lit up, but I'm nervous I'll mess up the timer!

I am finishing up the Christmas decorations today and will be showing you the rest of those soon. I'm also getting a few new pieces of furniture Thursday. I can't wait to see how they finish off the living and dining room!


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