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Christmas Home Tour 2021

Dec 19, 2021

I know it's the week of Christmas, but I couldn't let it pass without a Christmas home tour. Let's get started with the foyer. It's almost everyone's favorite "room" I decorate for the holidays. 

The ribbon is a sage green to pick up the new pillows in the living room. I don't change much of my decor year to year because it's expensive and who has a place to store all of it? One way easy way to update your decorations is to just change out the ribbon. You can add a few complimentary ornaments, but I left mine all white and gold. 

We have a new tree in the living room! I'm so happy we switched out our 12 foot tree for a 9 foot. It's so much easier to decorate! It's also just a beautiful tree with LED lights and realistic branches. It's flocked, but I thought after having a green tree for so many years I would switch it up.

My mantel hasn't changed much over the years, but I did add little snowflake LED lights that twinkle and it makes it so magical at night. 

The kitchen is all about greenery this year. The boxwood wreaths are dried, but the greenery in the vase is fresh. I learned my lesson about real greenery. It's only happening if I can put it in water. Otherwise it just dies way too fast (and makes a mess). 

I'm excited to show you my breakfast room! I usually leave it out of photos because it's been such an eyesore, but I'm halfway through with my makeover so it's ready to be seen. I love this planter I bought recently, and how cute is it with this little tree? We're going to have brunch in here Christmas morning so I can't wait to set the table with our fun snowman dishes. 

Of course I have to share a photo of Mario! Here he is waiting for the delivery man. It's the highlight of his day!


Christmas Home Tour 2020

Dec 17, 2020

My favorite post of the year is always my Christmas Home Tour! This year I added more pops of red this year than ever. I also have non-traditional decor in my foyer if that's more your speed. I love it all! 

I love these new nutcrackers to meet our holiday guests! They light up at night too. Thanks to my 12 year old son, Aidan, for taking my holiday photo this year. I think he did a great job!

Check out this top! I just got it in yesterday and it's so cute with a bow that ties in the back. It's only $12.50! 

You can see a bit of the bow under my hair. 

It wouldn't be a Christmas Home Tour without Mario! How sweet is it that his bow tie matches my top?


The foyer is always the most popular of my photos! It's the only room without traditional color this year. I added whites, blues and golds. 

The living room is the heart of the home and where we spend the most time this time of year. It's downright magical in the evening by the glow of the tree and fire. I didn't want to overwhelm the room with red since it would be too harsh with the rest of the room so I added red berries to the mostly ivory and gold tree, fireplace garland and coffee table bowl. The big punch of red is in the bow over the fireplace. It's just enough red to feel festive. 

Of course it's best lit up at night!

Mario in his Christmas sweater

I think I'm most excited about the kitchen this year. I've replaced the counter stools with these light ones. I was excited to finally have backs to hang wreaths on them. I also have my new brass and mercury glass lantern in so it has a completely different look.

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas tour! Stay tuned for the dining room post!