Shop My House

Oct 6, 2017

If you don't see an item listed below the picture, please click on my Pinterest widget at the bottom of this post and look for items under "shop my house."


Dining Room

Living Room


Breakfast Room

Media Room


Find me on Pinterest (link in sidebar) and find the board "Shop My House", or click on the widget below.  I tried to find similar items for some of the items that have been discontinued or alternate stores. If an item has been customized it will be noted in the description of the pin. Please let me know if you can't find something or have any questions!


  1. Love it! Definitely going through these for some inspiration & shopping! Big thanks for sharing your hardware, used the same one for all ours bc of your help -- looks fabulous! 👍🏻💗

  2. I'm trying to subscribe by email but it's saying I'm already signed up. I'm not receiving your notifications and missing out on seeing your post. Can you help? Thanks

  3. Now we can be twinsies on everything! Love.

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  5. Wow, What a great Design and Looking your Home. Really very good.

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  8. Gorgeous home! Where is the large white clock in your foyer from?