Fall Foyer and Repurposed Decor

Oct 12, 2017

A little pop of orange and an elegant glass pumpkin is all this room needed to welcome fall. You might also notice the new lamps!

I didn't include it on my fall post because I was debating whether to keep the lamps here. I repurposed them from the dining room because I needed more light here. We have a chandelier in the entry with absolutely no way to replace the burned out bulbs because of the height so I haven't been turning it on as much. 

I don't show this view very often because it's still really bare. I'm hoping after Christmas I can remedy that with wainscoting on the second floor wall, new chandeliers and decor that isn't borrowed from other rooms. The bench is from the bedroom and the chair is from the dining room. I think it's time the entry got it's own furniture!

The bright side is I can definitely live with the way it looks for now!


  1. Beautiful! think you should use the chandelier and get a handyman with a tall ladder to do the bulbs. I have a ladder from Lowes that I use but they are expensive. I hate that you don't use the beautiful light though!

    1. Thank you, eventually we will have someone come out and change them if we don't replace it first. We have the tallest ladder that we could find and it's still not tall enough. Our contractor mentioned scaffolding. I hope that's not the only option or we will be investing in scaffolding!

  2. Looks great, love the pops of orange. A little bit of color goes a long way here balanced with all the neutrals. Its really coming together nicely.