Mudroom Reveal

Jan 11, 2015


I started on this project about a year ago so let me recap a little. This is what it looked like before as an awkward shaped under the stairs closet.


These shelves were difficult to build because of the angles. We even ended up partitioning off the right side because the low ceiling made it unusable.


We added shoe storage, beadboard and hooks on one wall.


Now, it's all painted, organized and the flooring is in.

This area on the left wall is all we need to keep my kids organized. I like having a wall calendar to remind me of upcoming dates. I am really bad about checking my phone calendar in advance. Each of my boys have a folder with their names on it for school papers, including weekly homework packets. A pinboard is a must since I seem to have an out of sight, out of mind mentality no matter how important the paper is.

Check out this storage! We had a Costco open up near us recently and my husband loaded up on paper products and drinks. I was nervous we wouldn't have enough space for everything, but I reorganized a bit and was able to fit it all.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! At least there is a door so I don't have to worry about Mario using them as chew toys. That dog truly has a shoe fetish. Well, if someone forgets to shut the door he might eat a shoe, but it's usually my husband's. Mario recently chewed up his sandal and "marked" his backpack, but left everyone else's things alone. I think Mario sees my husband as competition for alpha male in this house.

Look at all this pink! You can finally tell a girl lives here.

Don't laugh! If you are thinking this light looks like a deck light then you would be right. This is the only light I liked for this closet. A bonus is it was only $7.

The basket on the top shelf is perfect for gloves. We don't use them much, but when we do one is always missing. Keeping the basket up high keeps the kids' little mitts off them. 

We have so many paper products store in here I decided to just write "paper" on the basket chalk label. Now, that I see it in a picture it looks a little strange. I also store extra cleaning products and seasonal décor in these baskets so you never really know what's going to be in there. Maybe I should just write "?" or "guess."


I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have this space. It's a mudroom, pantry overflow, storage room, and school organization center all in one under the stairs closet. It's definitely the hardest working room in our house besides the kitchen. For a closet it's not too hard on the eyes either!



  1. That's an amazing transformation, Jennifer! You did a great job. I'm just like you - out of sight, out of mind. Oh, wait a minute. In sight, and still out of mind. You've inspired me to add a calendar to my mud room. I wish I'd have done double-decker shoe shelves like you did. Ours are always a jumble, even though we have our own compartments. Love all your storage baskets, too.

  2. I remember this space, I forgot you had been working on it! It looks great, and so organized. You crack me up about the "paper" chalkboard label and deck light - I actually like that style too! I also really like the touches of pink. Is that pink champagne?! Why oh why do we not live closer?! ;)

  3. that is more than a mudroom, it's like organization central. well done, and enjoy your new space!

  4. Jen it's awesome! Love the light, the shelves, the styling with's perfect. I think I'd be more excited about that than a new bathroom. We have no space for anything like this without moving the garage, which is not gonna happen! Enjoy :)

  5. This is exactly what we want to do! Did you custom build your shoe bench? If so, do you have plans that you could share? Thanks!

  6. Can you please share the measurements? Thanks!!

  7. Please tell me EXACTLY how you did this!!! I have the same space and need to do this exact thing but I don't know to build anything and neither does my husband!

    Thanks! Bernadette see email below to respond if you could!