Meet Jennifer and FAQs

Apr 11, 2018

Welcome! I'm Jennifer, an interior designer in the suburbs of Houston. I'm a mom of three teen boys, and a shih-tzu named Mario. I mostly share my home projects, but you may see the boys pop up here once in a while. They are a little camera shy since hitting the teen years. I also occasionally post fashion, recipes or a family life update.

How CSH Began

Classic Style Home was created in 2012 to share my own home and life. It began as a creative outlet, and a place to share DIY projects to friends and neighbors. I was constantly asked in real life how I did a project, and since I already loved reading blogs it just made sense to start my own.


What color are your walls and trim?

Walls-PPG Paints in Shark, Trim-PPG Paints in Delicate White. You can now find PPG Paints at Home Depot. 

Who built your home?

Darling Homes

Who built your pool?

Mitchell Pools in Montgomery, Texas

How can I shop your Instagram?

Click on the "Shop my Instagram" tab at the top of this blog.

Why isn't everything linked?

I link items through the LTK app. If the company isn't affiliated with them I am not able to link it. However, I do try to provide a non-commissionable link on my blog. 

How tall are you/clothing size?

I am 5'3.5. The half inch is important! I am an XS in tops, a 0 in dresses and 25 in jeans. 

Can we see more client projects?

I mostly post updates in my Instagram stories because I am not the best at getting homes professionally photographed. I have also noticed most people would rather see my own home instead of client projects since their styles are so different. 

Do you do E-design?

Yes! You can contact me through my design website. Click "Design Services" on the right tab.

How did you get started in design?

I was asked to start staging by realtors. Those clients would ask me to help with their homes. I started off with small projects and it grew over the years to include remodels and commercial projects. I actually have a Bachelor's in Nursing! I never found the transition to design difficult. It could be because I started slow. 

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