Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finally Fall

I promise I didn't forget about fall! I was just doing a good job of ignoring it. The kids wouldn't stand for that another day and demanded we pull out our Halloween and fall decorations. Well, here it is! It might feel like summer outside, but fall greets you the moment the front door opens.


One thing I love about blue and white is that it goes with everything. It's a great choice for the seasonal decorator.
That's my husband's face in the mirror if you are wondering. Oops!
I also decorated the mantel a bit. It's much more neutral to match the great room.


The only thing I added was the mercury glass pumpkin and wheat in the vase. I'm keeping it simple because by this time next month it will be time to decorate for Christmas. Can you believe it? I need to make something pumpkin before the season passes me by!