Home Theater Update and Back to School

Aug 27, 2016

We are in full pre-fall mode here! That means back to school and getting ready for football season here. Our home theater has been a hot spot in our house since we installed the projection screen last year. We've had friends over for football games, the kids have cooled off here with summer movies and I watch my Real Housewives shows here...alone. I have all boys and they think it's hilarious I watch such a girly show. Surprisingly, my little guy watched it with me the other night and I had to plug his ears a few times. I didn't realize how inappropriate it was until then, but I'm glad he agrees Tom is a "bad guy." Housewives aside, I decided I needed to finally decorate this room. I vetoed the Scarface movie posters my husband wanted. I know it's a home theater, but I wanted it to feel like a comfortable living room.

I had added these gold plates that were previously in the living room. I liked them in the living room, but I decided they would look better here. When I bought them I had pictured them in several places in the house and knew I'd probably move them. I love so many different design styles that I decided this is going to be the room that's a bit more contemporary than the rest of the house. It fits considering it's a theater room, but the colors still blend with the rest of the house.

The kids loved it in here at the end of the summer when it was too hot to go outside. I gave them popcorn and they were happy for several hours.

The good thing about this room is that I only need to add a few things-pillows, a rug, and one more piece of artwork.  Once I got that bug in my bonnet I couldn't think about anything else. I found myself at Homegoods last week putting together an entire pillow story.

I'm honestly surprised I could find everything I was looking for-gray, cream and gold. And, you know you're on the right track when the other customers are eyeing your cart. I got it first ladies!!

 I've tried a few different combinations here and I'm going to have to buy just a few more pillows. That's always the case with pillows. You're going to need more!
Now, for the back to school part! Here are shameless pictures of my kiddos.
These two are going into 3rd and 4th grade. They didn't want to get close in the picture, but they play together amazingly. I know they were ready to get back to school and see their friends too.

My oldest is going into 8th grade. Poor thing has to catch the bus at 6:15am! On top of that he has football for his last period and then practice for another 2 hours. He loves it even though it sounds horrible to me!

I've had an exhausting weekend with a Friday wedding rehearsal, Saturday wedding, and two design/staging jobs Sunday. All good stuff though! I still carve out a few minutes between appointments to decorate my own house. Check out my Instagram this week to see what I'm working on in the living room!

My New French Chair for the Living Room

Aug 7, 2016

I've had this little French accent chair in mind to buy for the living room since I started designing it almost a year ago. It's been so hard to decide if it fits because it has to be angled a certain way so it doesn't block the fireplace on that odd short wall. It's from Restoration Hardware (who has been amazing by the way with delivery and any issues we've had), but since it would be a custom order I wanted to make sure it would be perfect so I've been undecided. I found a similar chair for much cheaper on Wayfair and I received it on Friday. I was thrilled with the upholstery and wood frame color, and just the overall look of it.

It looks beautiful, but once you sit on it but it's obviously not the same quality as my other furniture. I can't decide if it matters since it's an accent chair. The biggest issue is the size. It's 36" tall and that's not too short if it weren't for these really tall walls. On top of that, my husband makes it looks like a kids' chair when he sits in it. I keep thinking he looks like a Viking who stole Napoleon's chair. It's perfect for me though.

My husband's shoulders are about six inches taller than mine so there's no way he's sitting here. I'm thinking I will either return it or order a second one. Still undecided...

Before I leave you, I'm also working on finishing off the media room. There isn't much to do in here so it makes sense to finish it off. Football season is right around the corner after all...yay, I suppose. I have plans to add more artwork. You might notice I moved the living room gold plates here. I also want to add pillows, a rug and a few accessories. Not much! I can get this done and it will make me feel better that one room is officially done.



One thing I've realized is even when your house in chaos (in your mind at least), create one little vignette just for you. This is mine tonight. :)


DIY Dining Room Drapes

Jul 26, 2016

You've seen my no-sew pinch pleat drapes, but I've kicked it up my DIY skills a notch with no-sew trimmed drapes. I happened to find these pre-made French pleated drapes at Bed, Bath and Beyond for a steal. They were just okay despite the pleats. I decided they could be great with trim and a DIY idea was born. I opted for a leading edge, but you could easily customize yours any way you like.

I used my heat n' bond tape and ironed on the trim. This is a 4" trim I found at a local fabric store called Interior Fabrics for $16.99/yd. I thought that was a great deal for the width. You can find them online if you don't live in the Houston area.

Summer Home Updates

Jul 6, 2016

There has been so much going on since I last posted. Sorry, I've been cheating with Instagram! While I love IG because it takes seconds to post a picture, I don't feel like you get the full explanation behind a photo that you do on blogs. Some people are great at capturing their life in a four sentence paragraph, but I need to talk it out!

As you know, I've been working on my backyard d├ęcor since we put in the new pool. I had moved our counter stools out there for a party and loved the way they looked so much that I decided to keep them outside, and get new ones inside. I searched online for a couple of days and decided on these. I love them so much! The Moroccan style goes great with the white walls and arches, but the black sets off the light kitchen and coordinates with the light fixtures. Both the lights and stools have flecks of gold, too. I have seen these stools before, but what I didn't realize at the time is that they were the same ones we had in our beach house last summer in Rosemary Beach. I loved them then, but thought no way could I have upholstered seats with my three boys. But, I decided to take the plunge now that they are getting older. I'm not sure if that was such a wise decision. They are definitely scotchguarded!

Backyard Pool and Patio Progress

Jun 5, 2016

I've been waiting and waiting for a sunny day to take pictures of the pool. Unfortunately, the rain will not stop long enough to clean up the mess it's made of our backyard and pool deck. I'm sure you've heard of the storms we've been having in the Houston area. It's definitely been stressful with our dining room ceiling springing a leak in the middle of the night and the lake across the street overflowing it's banks into the main street of our neighborhood. When the sun came out this afternoon I ran outside and jumped on my pool float for an hour until the thunderstorms came back again. I snapped a few quick pictures before the sky opened up. These are definitely not pretty staged photos with pool floats and towels everywhere. Eventually I will get around to that as our weather (fingers crossed) improves.

Here are a few of my favorite pool details.

The water sconces-They weren't my first choice, but after seeing the kids hang on the PVC pipe there before I decided I needed to pick something that laid flat against the wall.