Sunday, November 16, 2014

Step-By-Step Tree Decorating

Yes, I already have my tree up! I know most people wait until after Thanksgiving, but I'm ready to get started. Anything that makes me feel like I'm ahead of the game during the holidays is something I completely support. This year I needed to buy a new tree since half the lights are burned out on my not-so-old flocked one. I vividly remember restringing lights on it last year and that is something I did not want to do again. It's been a few years since I've shopped for a tree and I was so surprised at how far along they have come. My new tree comes with a remote with the option for clear or multi-color lights. I like the white lights, but my kids prefer the "rainbow" lights. How cute is that?

Now on to the trimming! I loved the blue and silver ornaments so much last year, but I just had to do something different because I'm fickle that way. Luckily, it costs very little to change it up. I found a sage green ribbon at Hobby Lobby that I knew I would use as soon as I saw it. One tip to keep in mind is to look at ribbon that is not just in the holiday section if you want non-traditional colors. I use three ribbons and they make such an impact that I had to be careful of what I chose. I didn't want my tree to be too loud and compete with the light d├ęcor of the living room so I chose a solid cream ribbon and a silver mesh to go with the sage green.

I started winding the predominant color through the tree first. I make loops with the ribbon at intervals and then secure it very far back in the tree by wrapping a branch around it.

The satin cream ribbon is used more as an accent and I criss-crossed it under the green in a slight lateral direction. It adds interest and fills in blank spaces.

Then, the silver ribbons fills in the rest of the tree.

After the ribbon is done I work on adding picks, branches and pinecones. I chose silver and gold accents. I also wanted a tad bit of red. Glittery red would have been too much so I chose snow covered red berries that I already had. 

Then I work on the top of the tree. The poinsettas cover the area where the star is attached.

The final step is to add the ornaments. Just like the picks, I chose mostly silver and gold with a touch of red.

It's best at night, of course. 

I'm so happy to have at least one thing checked off my very long holiday list!