Master Bedroom Progress

Feb 22, 2018

I mentioned a few times that my living room update led to a master bedroom update. It's because I moved the black and white abstract painting (see below) from the living room to an empty wall in the master bedroom that was just perfect for it.

Here is the before. I loved the look of it, but white duvets made of sheet material are just not for me. It was always a wrinkly mess! I always kept this door shut when we had guests over because I am just not the type of person to iron anything, especially bedding.

I was so tired of the bedding looking terrible and over those lamps (only one worked and the shade was broken on the other). I had been considering moving the black and white artwork to the bedroom and adding a solid ivory duvet for a while. The only problem is large scale artwork is expensive. When I realized the painting I really wanted for the living room was 50% off I bought it, and that is what spurred this two room makeover!

I have to tell you the stars aligned for the best deals ever in this room. I found these Ralph Lauren lamps for $50 each at Homegoods. They looked so much like the ones I have been wanting for several years from Restoration Hardware. The RH ones are over $400 each. Yikes! I did find them on Amazon for a bit over $50, but they're still a great deal if you are interested in them (linked below). I knew I wanted bedding from Hotel Collection. Bedding is something you have to touch before you buy in my opinion. I loved how luxurious this bedding felt in person, but I was really drawn to the heavier fabric that wouldn't wrinkle like my previous duvets. I am so tired of messy beds! The best part it was on sale plus an extra 25% off.

I added the bench back from the foyer. I originally bought it for this room, but needed a piece in there so I borrowed it way too long. I'm thinking about putting it under the artwork and buying a small sofa to go in front of the bed since I have plenty of room. The pillows on it are borrowed from another room. They may just end up staying here. Who knows?!

The bedding is almost complete. I picked two additional pillows to go behind the lumbar, but I haven't had a chance to order them since they're custom. They are mostly neutral with just a bit of black, which I think this bed needs. I still need art or mirrors for above/around the bed. I haven't had a chance to look for anything yet. Maybe I'll just add moulding or wallpaper instead. There are so many possibilities! I just really don't want to paint because I'm the one who ends up painting.

I don't believe I've shown you this chandelier! It's the one I bought for the dining room a while back that was too small. It's pretty during the day, but absolutely fabulous at night with the way the crystals reflect the light. At first I thought it would be too traditional for the room, but I'm liking this mix of contemporary and traditional.

Isn't that wall perfect for the art?

The cream rug with the blue doesn't go in here any longer. I'm thinking a cream and taupe rug would be perfect. I just have to find one...

Ah look at that! There's one right in my living room. I haven't completely decided if I'm going to move it, but I have been wanting a bigger and more colorful rug for the living room.

The best part about this makeover is the way I feel when I walk in here. It feels clean, fresh, luxurious and peaceful. It's odd, but I can't wait to make my bed in the mornings. It's been so many years since I felt that way. The bedroom door can now stay open when we have guests over!

I still have a huge list to tackle before I finish this room, but it just feels better already!


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OOTD: Black and Leopard

Feb 21, 2018

Yesterday was all about spring and today we're back to winter. The temperature dropped over 20 degrees this morning while I was having coffee on my back porch. I needed to get dressed for a design appointment anyway! I staged another home today so I wore flats again. I never know when I'm going to be moving furniture. Today, I ended up pushing two desks together to simulate a dining table. It worked! Sometimes you just have to improvise. 

I have to talk about these jeans for a minute. They are skinny mid-rise ankle length jeans from Banana Republic. Even though they are skinny, they aren't so tight that there are creases all the way down the leg. I've been having an issue with designer jeans taking skinny a bit too far. The best part is they are on sale! I picked up a white pair yesterday. I think I've tried on just about every pair of white jeans the past month, and these are the only ones I found that aren't full of creases or semi-sheer.

The top and scarf are sold out, but I found similar ones below.



Cute Spring Outfit: J.Crew Factory

Feb 20, 2018

It already feels like spring in Houston! The high has been 80 the past week so I broke out my new spring outfit today on my way to a design appointment. The best part is this top and skirt are 50% off right now plus free shipping (use code evenbetter)!

I just love the scalloped detail on the edge of the skirt. I'm seeing it everywhere right now.

I styled it with pearl studs because I was feeling a bit preppy today. 


2018 Home Trends

Feb 13, 2018

I've read several articles on home trend predictions for 2018 and in my opinion some of them are just plain odd. Yellow is coming back? Was it ever in, or even out? Maybe these are very high end designs we won't see for several years. I decided to weigh in on new trends I am seeing from some of my favorite designers.

Warmer Colors and More Color Overall

White and gray has been king for several years. You know I'm a fan! That doesn't mean you have to completely get rid of your decor and start over. Fresh, light and bright is still in! You're not going to see a return of heavy, dark interiors this year. I believe colors will be more layered. I have been slowly adding blue and caramel/brown to my living room to warm it up.

I'm also seeing a return of more color. When I say color most people flinch because they are picturing primary colors. Adding just a small third color to your room can give it so much depth. I did this in my own room by adding a pop of pink through an orchid arrangement on my coffee table. Don't listen to the old advice that color must be repeated. Sometimes all you need is that tiny pop of color from flowers, a small pillow, or a vase. Even a room that is considered neutral at first glance may have several variations of color (not to mention texture) when studied in more detail to add interest. The result is rooms may appear neutral, but they aren't going to be as flat.

Contemporary lines

Regardless of style, everything is moving more contemporary. If you're a fan of Fixer Upper you may notice even farmhouse is getting a modern makeover. This dining room still has all the farmhouse elements-rustic furniture, words on the wall, shiplap and a rustic piece on the wall with peeling paint. The lighting is very current. The black and white contrast is definitely edgy. There's also a minimalism to this room. To get this look without changing too much of your current farmhouse decor streamline a bit by taking a few signs off the wall or minimizing your accessories. Consider modern fixtures that could still be considered farmhouse through lighting or cabinet hardware.


As much as I love contemporary decor I also love traditional furniture pieces that will never go out of style. However, I do not like an overload of the senses. That means I will not pair ornate with ornate. Too much detail on every piece in a room is overwhelming. It also feels like you just walked into your Great Aunt Myrna's house. Keep that French chair, but add a modern pillow instead of a fringed one. You can see below I did this with my foyer bench. I even added an abstract art piece above it. Keep your sense of style, but update it with your favorite current accessories.

Brass Has Been Back, But Too Much is Not a Good Thing

We all know that brass and everything gold is back. The only problem is I am seeing way too much of it. Use it sparingly. I recently noticed a room makeover that was pretty, but every single fixture had a gold tone to it. It was way too overpowering. Mix your metals or try to use a little less sparkle. I have to admit I am drawn to everything sparkly myself when I'm out shopping. I have made a promise to myself that I am not bringing any more of it home. I have made huge sighs as I put back another mirrored tray or gold vase on the shelf. Check my coffee table above to see how it's gotten out of control. I would not be surprised to see less glam overall. I've already noticed a return of natural elements and boho. I really believe it's a response to gold metal mania.

(No picture here because that would just be mean).  ;)

Mid-Century Modern and Boho

As I mentioned above I am seeing a return of more natural elements. This can go really wrong in a hot second. There's a fine line between a modern interpretation of the good things from these eras and The Brady Bunch house.

Here it is done right.

Dark, Moody Rooms

I know I just finished telling you that light and bright is still in. It is! I do think there are specific rooms we want to be cozy. I went this route in my husband's study. It's still unfinished, but you get the idea. Gray will still continue to be in, but not as the only color in the room. Pairing it with with the brown rug gives it depth.

There will also be colorful artwork behind the desk when it comes in. I will be bringing out the green in other accessories. This is my quick mock-up using the Pic Collage app on my phone. I do this is all the time to see how something will look in a room. It only takes about a minute, which is great when you're standing in the aisle of a store.

It's still gray, but not just gray and white. There's also gold, but it doesn't look like Napoleon's Apartments. You can see the design is more contemporary, but that wainscoting is never going to go out of style! I pretty much just incorporated everything I mentioned previously in this one room with the exception of boho/mid-century modern and farmhouse. That's just honestly not my style unless I were to move to Palm Springs or an actual farmhouse. I would happily move to Palm Springs! I just pictured myself lounging by the pool in a Trina Turk wardrobe.

Sorry, I got off track.

What Home Trends I Would Like to See?


I am pretty much art obsessed these days. It is something personal and sets your home apart from everyone else, yet I rarely see it in most homes. I don't care what people choose as long as it something they love and not chosen from the aisle at Target because it fits the size of their wall. Scale and color are important, but not the only thing to consider. I will not be buying original art any time soon because of the cost. Yes, I can buy original art in my budget, but frankly it's not very good. I would much rather have a giclee that I love than bragging rights over an original art piece that doesn't interest me. I almost edited those last few sentences out because they sound a little harsh. I just can't seem to word it any other way. It's something I'm passionate about! You've seen the art in my home, but here is one I would really love to own as well.

It's out of my budget, too! I usually buy my art at ZGallerie (when there's a discount of course) or High Fashion Home. HFH does have a website, but the art is 50% off if you visit the store in Houston to purchase or call the store directly.


You've heard me mention this for years! Most of the rooms we love, like on Instagram and pin to our boards are not even about the decor. It's about the architecture of a room. I want to see wood ceilings, wood or iron windows and doors (none of the aluminum we have here in Houston), wainscoting, etc. Some of these features are expensive, but some are not. Search my "DIY" label on many of the projects I did in my last house that were very affordable.

Pre-made Drapery with a Custom Look

I absolutely love custom drapery, but it is very expensive. I could write a separate post about drapes so I'll try and keep it short. You have seen me DIY my own drapes to make them look custom, but it has not been easy. It only works on certain windows as well. 

I would like to see pre-made drapery with pinch pleats. If they came in extra-wide lengths that would even by better! You can buy patio door drapes that are wider, but I've only found them in short lengths. Longer lengths, too! I would also like to see drapes pre-made with trim. I DIY'd mine in the photo above, but wouldn't it be nice if they came this way already?

I think what I would like to see is what many would like as well. It's why DIY blogs are so popular! If manufacturers and builders want to know what will be a hit they only have to turn to what people are trying to DIY. We do it because the product is not available or too expensive. I was ultra-opinionated today, and now I'd love to hear what you think!

New Living Room Lamps

Feb 10, 2018

The living room update continues! It really is a mini update with small changes, but they make such an impact all together. I just received these faux marble lamps from Overstock a few days ago. I've eyed these for a while, but was wary of the quality. I realized if I waited around for my budget to catch up to my taste this living room was never going to come together. I have to admit when I took them out of the box I was skeptical over the extremely shiny brass. I kept looking at my Pottery Barn gold lamps (the ones with the gray shades) and could not help but notice the difference in quality. As soon as I set them up on my media console all of my doubts went away. They just blend so nicely! You would never know how inexpensive they really were. They are a bit more contemporary than what you usually see from me, but they still go with the traditional elements in the room. I love this mix of traditional French and contemporary for this house. It just fits!

The fiddle leaf tree in the corner is new, but I am still scouting for a taller one. Those plate covers where the surround sound pre-wire drives me crazy. A taller tree would definitely cover the one on the left.

Here's a closer look.

I also painted the frames on this artwork a champagne color. They were a bright silver before. I had hoped some of the silver would shine through since I don't want everything gold, but it looked streaky with a light brushing. I ended up using three coats of paint, which covered the entire frame in a dark gold color. I am considering sponging on a bit of silver so it looks more like my mirror over the fireplace. I am still on the fence about it (mainly because I just don't want to do it lol). We'll see if it continues to bother me. 

Here is the before with different art above the TV and random accessories on the media unit. Hopefully, the new fiddle leaf doesn't meet the same fate as the one next to the fireplace. This picture was also taken before we added the window trim. The bamboo shades helped block the sun, but definitely do not go in this room any longer. The black console has been moved to the breakfast room (aka the land of leftover furniture).


Decorating around a TV is always difficult, but it's especially hard when you have a bare 20 foot wall with zero architecture. A collage of paintings/photos around the TV also works, but I decided to style it as I would any other console. Ideally, I would like a very tall custom media center with doors to cover the TV down the road. Until that day comes this works for now!


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