Fall Home Tour 2018

Oct 10, 2018

I'm so excited to share my fall home tour with you! Most of my decor is just fresh pumpkins and florals, but I have a few new items this year as well. 

Let's get started with the entry! Most of my decor is neutral, but I have traditional fall color on the front porch to blend with the Halloween decor I will be putting out this weekend. I wanted to fill these planters with fall color, but these ferns just look too amazing to move!

This is my absolute favorite photo! I just love the light colors, the lanterns, the cinderella pumpkins and the overall romantic look of the foyer. It's just magical at night when it's all lit up.


See my last post for more photos of the dining room. I'll be setting my Thanksgiving table next month with richer colors.


Candlelight is a must for fall with the days getting shorter. 


I kept it simple in the kitchen this year. I decided to let the baking I've been doing lately take center stage. 

Just piling on the pumpkins in the breakfast room!


A pretty pink pumpkin for my bedside table. 


Decorating the backyard to this extreme for fall is new for me, but we do spend most of our time out here.

Of course Mario has to make an appearance in my home tour!


I'm so excited to have this backyard decorated! It's not just because we spend the evenings and weekends out here, but because we will be taking photos of my son and his date for their homecoming dance this weekend! I'm already mentally positioning them in front of the pool and on the patio stairs. Stay tuned for my Halloween front porch and Thanksgiving table!

Early Fall Tablescape

Sep 25, 2018

I say early fall because there is a huge difference in the way I decorate my table between the beginning of fall compared to Thanksgiving. It's hard to break out the dark autumn colors when the temperatures are still in the 90s! I do love the white pumpkins and greenery too. The urn was a recent Homegoods find, and I immediately knew it would be a great dining room centerpiece. I also bought these beautiful etched wineglasses I've been eyeing for months. They are big enough they can also be used for water goblets on Thanksgiving. Everything else were items I already had on hand with the exception of the roses and pumpkins I picked up at the grocery store. The eucalyptus is real, but it is dried so I can use it for years to come. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $10. It's such a great deal!


New Mirror for the Fireplace

Sep 16, 2018

Let me dust off this blog and show you something new! I have been so busy with work and the kids school/sports schedules that I haven't had a chance to update lately. Actually, I haven't been able to do a lot of things the past month. I'm hoping things will settle down by next weekend so I can put out my fall decor...and take a breath!

Remember when I showed you the new chandeliers? I had mentioned that I chose two of them before I even moved into the house a little over three years ago. This mirror is also something I chose back then, but just like the chandeliers they were out of my budget. The only reason I finally bought the chandeliers is because I found knock-offs. I recently happened upon a much less expensive version of the same Restoration Hardware mirror too. It is six feet tall, which is exactly what I needed for these tall ceilings. 

Here is it is before with the smaller mirror.

I absolutely love this mirror too. It's just so short for these ceilings. Thankfully, I have the perfect spot for it over the dresser in the guest room. That room has been getting a mini update lately. I'm hoping to finish up a few details to show you soon. 

Hanging the mirror was a bit scary! I had wanted to lean it, but my skinny mantel is only 5 inches deep. It looked odd perched on that tiny mantel so we decided to hang it. Thankfully, my teenaged son had a friend that spent the night when we hung it so between the four of us it wasn't too bad. It also frees up space to decorate the mantel!

Here a few different views of the mirror in the room. 

The previous mantel decor was way too small in scale for the mirror, but I didn't want the decor all tall. When everything is oversized I get the Alice in Wonderland feel of everything being too big. I was shopping for a client at Arhaus a couple of days after we hung the mirror, and I noticed these candlesticks extremely discounted (under $60 for both). I love the way they pick up the gray in the painting next to it. I was thinking of wood candlesticks, but I think these work even better. I pulled the orchid out of my "decor closet." Doesn't everyone have one of those? The orchid isn't ideal long-term, but it works for now. I probably won't change it for a while because between decorating for fall and Christmas I really won't need anything until January. I'm so excited to decorate the mantel for the holidays!

This room is getting closer and closer to how I always envisioned it. I would really love a tall built-in media center with doors that cover the TV next. My husband said we should go ahead and buy the biggest TV we would ever want so that we could build around it when we are ready. That makes sense, but I feel like I'm being talked into a new TV we don't need. He also mentioned we would need to put in the surround sound at the same time as the built-in. I feel like I'm definitely being played! Maybe the drapes should be next instead?