My Home Office Makeover with Bassett Furniture!

Nov 9, 2018

I'm so excited to announce that I am partnering with Bassett Furniture to completely furnish my home office! I haven't shown you much of this room since it needs all new furniture. It's an important space because it is the first room off the foyer. It also has double glass French doors so there is no hiding the need for a makeover! The walls (paint and moulding), chandelier and rug have been updated recently. I've also added a mirror behind the desk and new abstract art on a perpendicular wall since I took this photo. Bassett will be providing a new desk, credenza with lamps and an accent chair in the corner. The design will be transitional with richer colors often seen in a study. Goodbye, white cottage-style furniture!

A new Bassett store just opened last week near me in The Woodlands, Texas. However, there are stores all across the country if you want to visit. I love that their furniture can fit any design style, and the customization options make it truly unique. It's especially important to me since I love to mix styles in my own home for a curated look. It truly is a place where you can buy an entire room of furniture and no one would guess it all came from the same store. If mixing styles sounds complicated, they also offer free design help!

I received the full customer experience when I visited the store a few days ago. Debi, a designer with the company for 14 years, helped me learn about the construction process, gave me information about the fabrics, and even showed me computer renderings of what those fabrics would look like on the furniture. This is truly a great resource for customers and designers alike. Most of my custom design projects require waiting on fabric samples in the mail and trips to multiple furniture stores all over town. This reduces the time of the design process to a one store visit. A big selling point for me is that the furniture is made in North Carolina, and the ship time for custom pieces is usually 30 days! I can honestly say that is the shortest time frame I have ever been given.

All of these fabrics at my fingertips were like Christmas Day for me!

Fabric selection is just as important as the furniture. It can make or break a piece. There are so many fabrics to choose from, and they are all very current with graphic prints, performance, and ikat styles. 

I love that they have Sunbrella! All of my living room furniture is covered in it to make it family friendly. I get so many questions about how I have almost white furniture with three boys and a dog. This is why!

There are also custom pillow options! You can pick your upholstery and pillow fabric at the same time. I chose the perfect sized pillow for a chair without having to measure. My designer and I just grabbed a couple of lumbar pillows and tested each on the showroom chair to see which would work the best.

The custom options continue with the stain finishes.

Custom headboards-nailheads, no nailheads, tufting, no tufting, choose your fabric, etc. That gray channel tufted one is calling my name!

Foot options-love the gold!

The most surprising item Bassett offers are custom drapes. They can also measure and install for you too. It truly is one stop shopping. 

Now that you know about the customization options and the gorgeous fabrics, let's take a tour of the showroom!

If I needed dining room furniture I would buy every single thing you see here. 

Design tip-If your husband refuses to have throw pillows use a pattern on his chair instead. I've learned a lot of men really don't like pillows!

It also helps that it's a recliner that doesn't look like a recliner.

If you don't want a full patterned chair consider upholstering only part if it in a pattern. You could have the front and back different fabrics like you see here. This is the first time I have been told that this is possible from a furniture store. It's usually only available from custom upholsterers.

I love this chair so much!

Designer selfie ;)

 The chandeliers are absolutely gorgeous!

It's not all transitional. I used a similar farmhouse chandelier in a recent project.

 I love this quatrefoil mirror!

You know I'm a fan of this style of mirror!

The chippendale chair in the top right corner is so on trend right now! It actually never went out of style, but I'm seeing it everywhere lately. You could even put a performance fabric on the seat for a breakfast room with kids.

Classic chair in a gorgeous velvet

Another awesome chandelier

The art choices really impressed me. So many of my clients need large scale artwork since even the walls are bigger in Texas. This is perfect!

Black and white abstract art gets me every single time.

I love these lamps! The price is great too.

Bassett is a great source for beautiful, mid-priced rugs. Most brick and mortar stores offer either the cheapest quality rugs you've ever seen, or silk rugs from Tibet that cost as much as a year of college tuition.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! You can see these products and more on the Bassett website. Stay tuned for the full home office room reveal!

Living Room Change Up

Nov 4, 2018

If you follow me on Instagram (particularly the stories) you know I had a rug saga going on in my living room. I knew I wanted something in an abstract pattern with a bit of blue. There wasn't much to choose from that wasn't a silk Tibetan rug aka expensive, but I finally found something affordable that would work. It was delivered in the evening while I was at a client's house so my husband and son laid it out for me. The minute I walked in the living room I was shocked. It was a lot of blue! 

I went back and forth about keeping it or returning it. It's really pretty in the daylight when the sun washes out the blue. The contrast between the blue and cream is really noticeable in dim lighting, which wasn't the look I was going for. I can't say it's perfect, but once I looked at photos with my old cream rug and the new one I decided it looks so much better with the addition of the blue. 

I also like how it picks up the blue in the art above the TV. 

(Sorry, these photos are a bit blurry. I used my nicer camera, but must have done something wrong).

The only problem is the pillows on the sofa need to be changed out now to something with less pattern. These are old Homegoods pillows that were $16.99 that I picked up on a whim until I decided on something more permanent anyway.

I have so much blue in my house it's nice that to have it carried through to the living room now.

My old cream rug found it's way into the bedroom. I haven't photographed it yet because I need to address that big stain by my foot first. That is the reason I buy inexpensive rugs! Folex works wonders for stain removal FYI. Here is a quick Instagram photo I snapped for my stories the other day. I was excited about finally being able to wear my orange fall sweater with the cooler temps! I would eventually like a viscose tone on tone striped rug in a cream or beige, but I haven't had a chance to look yet. I need to get moving on those living room throw pillows first!

I just realized I sound like a hot mess-mysterious rug stains, blurry photos, rash shopping decisions, smudged mirror, zero time to address any of least I like my outfit! 


Fall Home Tour 2018

Oct 10, 2018

I'm so excited to share my fall home tour with you! Most of my decor is just fresh pumpkins and florals, but I have a few new items this year as well. 

Let's get started with the entry! Most of my decor is neutral, but I have traditional fall color on the front porch to blend with the Halloween decor I will be putting out this weekend. I wanted to fill these planters with fall color, but these ferns just look too amazing to move!

This is my absolute favorite photo! I just love the light colors, the lanterns, the cinderella pumpkins and the overall romantic look of the foyer. It's just magical at night when it's all lit up.


See my last post for more photos of the dining room. I'll be setting my Thanksgiving table next month with richer colors.


Candlelight is a must for fall with the days getting shorter. 


I kept it simple in the kitchen this year. I decided to let the baking I've been doing lately take center stage. 

Just piling on the pumpkins in the breakfast room!


A pretty pink pumpkin for my bedside table. 


Decorating the backyard to this extreme for fall is new for me, but we do spend most of our time out here.

Of course Mario has to make an appearance in my home tour!


I'm so excited to have this backyard decorated! It's not just because we spend the evenings and weekends out here, but because we will be taking photos of my son and his date for their homecoming dance this weekend! I'm already mentally positioning them in front of the pool and on the patio stairs. Stay tuned for my Halloween front porch and Thanksgiving table!