Thursday, March 5, 2015

Master Bedroom Update: White Duvet Alternative

Will I ever learn the lesson that white does not work in a house full of three boys and one very naughty dog? Probably not considering the recent d├ęcor choices I've made. I did make one very wise decision recently regarding my white dilemma. I finally said goodbye to my white duvet. I love the way duvets look, but I have had horrible luck keeping them clean and unwrinkled.

Here is my bedroom with the duvet. This one is new and I bought it knowing I wouldn't use it. I really just wanted the king shams that came with it. Surprisingly, it was cheaper to buy it as a set than to buy the shams separately. I suppose I can throw on the duvet if I want my bed to look nice for company. Yeah, that will never happen. It is nice to have the option.


It looks a little too white in here until you see how it contrasts with the dark wood floor.

My room is so tiny that this is the only way I can get the floor included in the picture!

Now, here is my new alternative.

It's still light and bright, but the faux fur does not get nearly as dirty as the white cotton duvet. It's perfect for lightening up the black coverlet. Keep this in mind when you want to lighten up any area of your house. If you want to lighten up a dark sofa place a light colored throw or pillows on it, or both.
I added a bit of decor to the nightstands as well. We don't really have room for it with our laptops, phones and drinks we carry up here every night (wine). But, it looks nice for now.

Just in case you're wondering that really is I picture I took when we were in Paris. I promise I didn't leave the fake photo in the frame. I might have done that in the past, but not this time.
I showed you the dresser a few months ago, but here it is in case you haven't seen it.
I really love the way this room has come along, especially considering the very small budget. I did have to DIY almost everything, but it was so worth it!