Entryway Re-styled

Jan 6, 2017

Entryway, foyer, or "foy-ay" as my mom likes to say...whatever you call it I have a big one. My last house didn't even have one when we moved in, but I was able to create a tiny one by adding walls when I closed in a formal living room to make it a home office. I was so happy to have a big entrance in my new home so the kids didn't bounce of each other and the walls as they walked inside. They reminded of me of little pigs trying to get into a pen. I didn't realize I would have to furnish it like a room until I started decorating it. I kept adding furniture and decor and it just never seemed to fill up. I can now sit three people in there comfortably and I'm not even finished. I could have a party in this "foy-ay."

After I took down the Christmas decorations I re-arranged things a bit. I moved the wall clock from my home office and added it above the bench. The colors and size are perfect. It's a bit too farmhouse for the look I'm trying to achieve. It worked in the last house, but I want something different here. Eventually, I'd like to replace it with abstract art as soon as I find the right piece. It will help offset the rustic table and add a bit of elegance. I also added the blue and white umbrella stand. I had mentioned to my mom that I was looking for one and she happened to have one. What are the chances of that happening?! I found an umbrella with a dog head handle at ZGallerie that I just love. I hope my family knows it's decor!

A better view of the clock.

And more pillows! I found a couple of these in a spare closet. I had forgotten all about them!

Even though there are things I want to add like artwork and a lamp or two, I'm just happy this space finally looks finished. Of course you can't see the other half behind me in this picture that's completely bare. It never ends!


  1. Hi Jennifer! I'm so jealous of your foy-yay! I have a teeny tiny little one where you open the front door and it literally almost hits the base of the stairs going up. On my wish list if we ever move is a giant foyer. I think you're doing a great job decorating it. Oh – and definitely don't let the family touch the decor like the umbrella !!! Haha

  2. Its really coming together nicely. I love all the colors and textures going on here, the addition of the clock is a nice touch. I've been looking for an umbrella stand to add to my little foyer just like that. What a grand and welcoming space.