Living Room Updates

Jan 21, 2017

My house is ever evolving as I find new decor or get inspired, but the last items I've bought make me feel like this room is more finished. The three pictures over the TV were a random find and extremely inexpensive. I really love the Spanish Santa Barbara look lately and you can definitely tell by my latest finds. My house is always a mix, but I think that's a good thing no matter your style. You can go in any direction that you're feeling at the moment and it helps keep your house from looking dated. It's much easier to change a couple of pieces instead of an entire room. Who wants their room to feel like every other one you see out there anyway?!

There are so many more new updates to see! Follow me on Instagram for the latest. I wish I had more time to update my blog, but between a full time job, part time design, and three kids I don't know if I'm coming or going lately. Don't feel sorry for me because I love every minute of this crazy life!


  1. Jennifer, it looks amazing. I REALLY love the large black and white abstract. I wouldn't necessarily expect to see it there, which it what makes it so perfect!

  2. Who will not love this living room? Every detail of this room is brilliant! Everything that have been used was perfect. They all made the room very elegant and beautiful.