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How I Blended Styles and Open Rooms

Jun 27, 2017

Summer is flying by here! I can't believe it's almost July 4th. My kids have kept me so busy since I stopped working a couple of weeks ago, but it's been so much fun to watch them play sports and spend more time with them. I can't say I'm getting much accomplished around the house yet. Hopefully, that will change soon because I have a lot of decorating projects and organizing to do. 

I did start organizing the kitchen cabinets the other day and decided to re-arrange my countertop decor too. I added more wood elements to warm up the kitchen with new cutting boards and a tray from another room. That tray was just calling out for a pretty orchid and the color feels like summer to me. 

I ended up moving the vase. I've been getting a little tired of the blue and white accessories lately and it was taking up a lot of counter space. The pineapple trend is one I love and roses by the sink always makes me happy.

One of the things I'm very conscience about is making sure my kitchen decor matches the rest of my house since it's so open. It could end up very farmhouse/cottage if I'm not careful. My living room has several modern touches and my breakfast room still holds the cottage style furniture from my old house. The kitchen has to perform a balancing act to marry all three spaces together. You can see how all three spaces flow together in the next few pictures.

One day I'll work on the breakfast room. I've already decorated it a million times in my mind, but when I look at the price for six drapery panels I break out in a cold sweat. Right now I'm thinking pinch pleated black and white riad fabric would be perfect. I'm sure I will change my mind by the time I get around to it!

I have rustic, light wood in each room to keep the spaces from being too modern. As much as I love the look of an all modern space my style flip flops too much to commit to one style so this is a good compromise. 

I have to admit that sometimes I dream of a silver and gold vent hood, modern pendant lighting and backsplash for the kitchen, and a contemporary coffee table. Then, I see a beautiful traditional space on IG or Pinterest and the planning starts all over again!

Easter in the Kitchen

Apr 7, 2014

So, I've never decorated any part of my home for Easter. Before I had kids I always imagined that I would have a family of ceramic bunnies in my kitchen and giant faux Easter eggs in my front yard. Then, I had kids and realized my former self was insane. I can barely keep up with the necessary parts of Easter, like stuffing tons of plastic eggs with candy the night before my kids' school egg hunts. This year I finally shopped early and spent the extra money for pre-filled eggs. Why didn't I do that before? I also found a few Easter décor items for the house while out shopping this week. I can't tell you how together I feel right now.

Breakfast Room Centerpiece


The coffee bar got bunnified, too.


The eggs are from Pottery Barn, which are already on sale. Both of the bunnies were found at World Market for just a few dollars each. These touches of Easter may be small, but they made a big impact with the little guys in this house. Plus, smaller décor is easier to store!

The Scoop

Christmas Home Tour 2013

Dec 3, 2013

Welcome! Come inside and my little elf will show you around.

christmas home tour

There he is! His name is Mario. He' Italian elf?


Because my decorations are neutral in the back of the house, I decided to go with a pop of red in the front.


Off the entryway is the dining room. A small centerpiece and a bit of ribbon is enough for everyday, but I do plan on putting together a tablescape for Christmas Eve.




Once you turn the corner into the living room the décor is completely different. It's cool and neutral, which blends perfectly with the room.





Mario is all ready for Christmas in his holiday sweater. I think red is his color.


Seriously, could he not be a dog model?


He doesn't move once you put the sweater on and I had to walk around him to take the picture. I wish my kids would take note!

On the other side of the great room I continued the neutral décor, but I did add a few pops of red.





Looking from the kitchen into the living room.


And from the living area to the kitchen.


I also put a tree in my boys' game room. I needed a place to put our sentimental ornaments and the ones that the boys look forward to seeing every year.



Thanks for stopping by!


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Breakfast Room Reveal

Sep 9, 2013

 Last week I mentioned that I was considering this chair to go with my new breakfast table.


As you can see, I wasted no time bringing them home!


This is such a different look for me, but I've admired French bistro chairs for several years. I wasn't quite sure if I liked them with the rest of my décor since they are a bit rustic. I've been giving them the sideways look as I walk to the kitchen for a week and I finally decided they are going to stay.


I decided to get four chairs instead of five because it seemed a bit crowded when I had five of the black chairs in here. If all five of us sit down at once we can just use the dining room table or have one or two kids sit at the breakfast bar.

My old candle looked a little lonely on this new table so I added a few things. I might as well decorate for fall since it will be here before you know it. I decided on a gold runner because it's a good transition between the seasons.


I'd love to hang curtains on the breakfast room window eventually because I love as many fabrics as possible in a breakfast room, but I need to coordinate them with the living room windows. That means it will be a while. ;)

Just for a recap, this is how it looked last week.


And now...


Comparing the two pictures is what really made me decide to keep these chairs even though they are out of my comfort zone. Doesn't it just feel cozier?

Since I have a great room I needed to make sure this space matches the style of my living room and kitchen. Surprisingly, it fits right in. I tried to take pictures, but every time I turned around there was someone in the way since it was Saturday. Note to self, only take pictures during the week when everyone is gone!

Here are pictures of each space together. You can see how the warm tone of the chair goes great with the bamboo shades, fireplace, and burlap pillow.



Cottage Breakfast Room

Sep 4, 2013

I've been searching for a new table and chairs for my breakfast room for several months. You may have noticed my black table with the mahogany top. This is the best picture I have of it.

It's always been too big for this space, but it was the smallest table I could find that would fit our family of five at the time. Not only was the size wrong, but the chairs have become really unstable and the finish has taken a beating. My kids are a bit older so I'm ready for a better quality table, but accidents happen daily around this house. It can't be so expensive that I will have a heart attack if it gets damaged. I really took my time and casually looked around the last few months. I also pinned several images for inspiration and I was surprised I'm leaning toward a cottage style since I just finished my transitional master bedroom. Here are some of my favorites.
Breakfast Room
soft blue + green is always a calming palette like in this breakfast nook!
Love this window seat dining area! Clever!
Love the bold colors paired with natural finishes.  Beautiful dining space!
Frais Du Verger Pear by Ballard Designs  I
Add excitement to a black and white kitchen with a graphic backsplash.
I love the upholstered seats and rugs, but it's not really feasible with kids. I also like mixing the finishes of the tables and chairs. After searching for a reasonable priced round table, I found Pier 1 has the best selection. If you pick it up at the store there is no delivery charge and it took less than a week to come in after placing my order.

I decided on the Ronan pedestal extension table instead, which is a bit more expensive. It's an off-white, which is perfect since my kitchen cabinets are not bright white. Here it is with the leaf in it, which is too big for my breakfast room. It's nice to have the option to make it bigger in case we need the room or we move to a home with a bigger breakfast room. Don't worry, I'm not planning on moving. Remodeling this house has exhausted me!

Here it is in my breakfast room!


I was surprised to find that I could comfortably fit five chairs around it. I initially planned on just putting four chairs with it, which isn't a big deal since we rarely sit down as a family at the same time. My husband and I prefer to wait for the kids to finish eating before we sit down so we can have peace and semi-quiet. But, when my kindergartner came home from school he counted the chairs and counted the people in our family on his little hands and looked really confused. After a moment, he wanted to know where his oldest brother is going to sit, lol. I pulled another chair up to the table to make him feel better.

I'm leaning towards these chairs from World Market.

I love the French bistro style chairs, but these are the only ones I've seen without a woven seat. We've had woven seats and they do not hold up with kids. These are extremely popular though and were sold out when I went to the store last week, but I just received a phone call last night that they are back in stock. I've got to make a decision fast before they sell out again. I hope to have an update for you soon!