Easter in the Kitchen

Apr 7, 2014

So, I've never decorated any part of my home for Easter. Before I had kids I always imagined that I would have a family of ceramic bunnies in my kitchen and giant faux Easter eggs in my front yard. Then, I had kids and realized my former self was insane. I can barely keep up with the necessary parts of Easter, like stuffing tons of plastic eggs with candy the night before my kids' school egg hunts. This year I finally shopped early and spent the extra money for pre-filled eggs. Why didn't I do that before? I also found a few Easter décor items for the house while out shopping this week. I can't tell you how together I feel right now.

Breakfast Room Centerpiece


The coffee bar got bunnified, too.


The eggs are from Pottery Barn, which are already on sale. Both of the bunnies were found at World Market for just a few dollars each. These touches of Easter may be small, but they made a big impact with the little guys in this house. Plus, smaller décor is easier to store!


The Scoop


  1. I told my kids that it is "really helpful" to the easter bunny if the kids stuff the eggs with candy on Easter Eve and leave them for him to hide....AND that way they might get more because he'll hide as many as they will stuff. Is that bad? Probably!!

  2. Your little touch is really cute, Jennifer!

  3. Hi Jennifer, Your Easter touches are darling! I saw those eggs at PB yesterday and I think I need to go back and get them:) Blue and white is a favorite color combination and always adds a touch of elegance. New follower! and hope you will visit me :) xxleslie

  4. Very sweet...I cant believe its almost Easter!