Breakfast Room Reveal

Sep 9, 2013

 Last week I mentioned that I was considering this chair to go with my new breakfast table.


As you can see, I wasted no time bringing them home!


This is such a different look for me, but I've admired French bistro chairs for several years. I wasn't quite sure if I liked them with the rest of my décor since they are a bit rustic. I've been giving them the sideways look as I walk to the kitchen for a week and I finally decided they are going to stay.


I decided to get four chairs instead of five because it seemed a bit crowded when I had five of the black chairs in here. If all five of us sit down at once we can just use the dining room table or have one or two kids sit at the breakfast bar.

My old candle looked a little lonely on this new table so I added a few things. I might as well decorate for fall since it will be here before you know it. I decided on a gold runner because it's a good transition between the seasons.


I'd love to hang curtains on the breakfast room window eventually because I love as many fabrics as possible in a breakfast room, but I need to coordinate them with the living room windows. That means it will be a while. ;)

Just for a recap, this is how it looked last week.


And now...


Comparing the two pictures is what really made me decide to keep these chairs even though they are out of my comfort zone. Doesn't it just feel cozier?

Since I have a great room I needed to make sure this space matches the style of my living room and kitchen. Surprisingly, it fits right in. I tried to take pictures, but every time I turned around there was someone in the way since it was Saturday. Note to self, only take pictures during the week when everyone is gone!

Here are pictures of each space together. You can see how the warm tone of the chair goes great with the bamboo shades, fireplace, and burlap pillow.




  1. Before I saw that you ended with "perfect!" that's exactly what I was going to write. I think bringing a little "rustic" in adds interest. And the chairs have such a great shape.

  2. They look great in your room and I like them with your family room....there a keeper!

  3. Those chairs are beautiful! Yes, perfect for both spaces. I love that picture of your living room :)

  4. Perfect indeed - they look amazing and I love the warmth they add to the room!!

  5. Looks wonderful! I can see this room with what you're envisioning with curtains too. THe chairs work great with that table and it all flows so nicely into the living room. Nice, Jennifer!

  6. I use a lot of black like you usually do, but I have to agree that these look a lot brighter and cheerier! You're making me rethink my own choices!!

  7. I think any home can use a little rustic! I think they are the perfect balance and look great with the table. Great job :)

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  9. Definitely like the lighter chairs better. Your space looks fresh, yet cozy!