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Master Bedroom Update: Intaglio Art

Oct 21, 2019

I'm so excited my new intaglio art is finally here! I've been wanting them forever, but the price tag isn't cheap. I did find a site that custom makes them for a great price. You get to pick the intaglios, mat colors and frames. They also have different size options if you are looking for something larger. You might notice I have a new rug in here too. I planned on an ivory silk tone on tone rug in an abstract or stripe, but they were so pricey. This viscose rug is so much more affordable.

I love how this art blends with the abstract painting. Eventually I'd like to add moulding and/or grasscloth wallpaper to the walls, but this gives the room a more finished look in the meantime.

I wasn't sure if I was going to hang the art above the bed or in my upstairs landing that overlooks the foyer. I picked frames and mats that would go in both rooms for that reason. I decided to keep them above the bed for now because it is so much more noticeably bare without them than the landing. Here they are in the landing.

Can you see why my decision was so hard?


Bed, Nightstands, Actual Bench-Restoration Hardware

Abstract Art-High Fashion Home

Faux Fur Blanket-ZGallerie

My Favorite Items Are On Sale!

Apr 27, 2018

It's the weekend! I will be working as usual. Since my job is to shop for clients I do get to pick things up for myself along the way so I can't complain!

Macy's is offering 30% off with their Friends & Family sale. My Hotel Collection bedding is only $174.99 for the king sized duvet! It also comes in a comforter version.

My favorite white sandals are on sale, too!

I've also been shopping for swimsuits to wear this summer. I keep going back to my favorite brand, Becca. I love the support and comfort, but it also is still on trend. Here is the swimsuit I bought last year in purple. I was so happy to see they brought it back in other colors. I'm loving the bright pink!

J.Crew Factory is also having an amazing sale of up to 60% off! These shorts are only $21.50! Banana Republic is offering 50% off sale items. My top is in limited sizes, but it's only $14.99!

Other Sales:

Pottery Barn-25% off one regular priced item in stores and online, including furniture (use code SAVE25)

Gap-Extra 20% (use code OURTREAT)

Williams Sonoma Home-20% off one item (use code SPRING)

J.Crew Factory-Buy one, get one free off summer must haves online only (use code SUMMERLOVE)

Ballard Designs-20% off everything

Banana Republic-Extra 50% off sale

Frontgate-25% off site wide (I will be buying their pool floats today!)

Club Monaco-Extra 30% off sale in stores and online

Master Bedroom Progress

Feb 22, 2018

I mentioned a few times that my living room update led to a master bedroom update. It's because I moved the black and white abstract painting (see below) from the living room to an empty wall in the master bedroom that was just perfect for it.

Here is the before. I loved the look of it, but white duvets made of sheet material are just not for me. It was always a wrinkly mess! I always kept this door shut when we had guests over because I am just not the type of person to iron anything, especially bedding.

I was so tired of the bedding looking terrible and over those lamps (only one worked and the shade was broken on the other). I had been considering moving the black and white artwork to the bedroom and adding a solid ivory duvet for a while. The only problem is large scale artwork is expensive. When I realized the painting I really wanted for the living room was 50% off I bought it, and that is what spurred this two room makeover!

I have to tell you the stars aligned for the best deals ever in this room. I found these Ralph Lauren lamps for $50 each at Homegoods. They looked so much like the ones I have been wanting for several years from Restoration Hardware. The RH ones are over $400 each. Yikes! I did find them on Amazon for a bit over $50, but they're still a great deal if you are interested in them (linked below). I knew I wanted bedding from Hotel Collection. Bedding is something you have to touch before you buy in my opinion. I loved how luxurious this bedding felt in person, but I was really drawn to the heavier fabric that wouldn't wrinkle like my previous duvets. I am so tired of messy beds! The best part it was on sale plus an extra 25% off.

I added the bench back from the foyer. I originally bought it for this room, but needed a piece in there so I borrowed it way too long. I'm thinking about putting it under the artwork and buying a small sofa to go in front of the bed since I have plenty of room. The pillows on it are borrowed from another room. They may just end up staying here. Who knows?!

The bedding is almost complete. I picked two additional pillows to go behind the lumbar, but I haven't had a chance to order them since they're custom. They are mostly neutral with just a bit of black, which I think this bed needs. I still need art or mirrors for above/around the bed. I haven't had a chance to look for anything yet. Maybe I'll just add moulding or wallpaper instead. There are so many possibilities! I just really don't want to paint because I'm the one who ends up painting.

I don't believe I've shown you this chandelier! It's the one I bought for the dining room a while back that was too small. It's pretty during the day, but absolutely fabulous at night with the way the crystals reflect the light. At first I thought it would be too traditional for the room, but I'm liking this mix of contemporary and traditional.

Isn't that wall perfect for the art?

The cream rug with the blue doesn't go in here any longer. I'm thinking a cream and taupe rug would be perfect. I just have to find one...

Ah look at that! There's one right in my living room. I haven't completely decided if I'm going to move it, but I have been wanting a bigger and more colorful rug for the living room.

The best part about this makeover is the way I feel when I walk in here. It feels clean, fresh, luxurious and peaceful. It's odd, but I can't wait to make my bed in the mornings. It's been so many years since I felt that way. The bedroom door can now stay open when we have guests over!

I still have a huge list to tackle before I finish this room, but it just feels better already!


Please see the "shop my house" tab for other sources. 

My Blue Master Bedroom Reveal

Feb 1, 2017

I haven't shown you the master bedroom since we moved in except for a few peeks the new furniture via Instagram. I had big plans for it that got pushed back because the main areas of the house took precedence. Instead of re-inventing the wheel with a fabulous design I settled on something that required no manual labor. Anything that requires paint or woodwork these days is a stretch with our schedules. That's funny to me considering how much DIY we did in our last house, but I also didn't work nearly as many hours as I do now. My weekends are now dedicated to family, friends, errands aka shopping,  and dining out. It makes up for the other five days of work, work, work. One good-bad thing about moving into this new neighborhood is that my husband has found new weekend golfing buddies. He's not interested in giving that up to put trim up in the bedroom. I can't say I blame him!

The furniture was fairly easy to pick out. Actually, I just happened to stumble across it on Restoration Hardware's website and said done! I wanted something a bit more traditional for this house that wouldn't go out of style because I know from experience that my bedroom is going to be the last room to get a makeover in the future. I settled a bit on the bed because the four poster bed I had in mind was way over the budget after spending so much on the dresser and nightstands. 

The hardest part for me is always bedding. I hate duvets with a passion, but I can't seem to stay away from them. They are always a messy, lumpy, wrinkled mess that could have something to do with the way we sleep instead of the actual bedding itself. I prefer coverlets, comforters and throws. Trying to find a decent looking comforter is almost impossible these days and coverlets just aren't heavy enough for me. I happened to see an Yves Delorme outlet when I was driving through San Marcos, TX on the way home from a wedding this past summer and went bananas. Of course we had to stop! I spent an hour putting together a complete bed with the sales woman. She also happened to be French like the bedding itself, which I thought was charming. My husband was not impressed by any of it! He had been looking forward to going to Lockhart for BBQ. The place he wanted to go to sells out many days and he looked at his watch with a big sigh every few minutes. Don't worry, I got my bedding and he got his BBQ!

I absolutely love this coverlet! It's amazingly soft and heavy at the same time.

These pillows shams are what sold me on the bedding. I haven't seen anything else like it.

I have new lamps in mind that will go with the gold hardware on the nightstand so even if I change things up they will still work in here. I'm not in love with the gold starburst mirror since it's too small, but it needed a little something for pictures I took recently so I stole it from my kitchen vent hood. Sometimes you just have to improvise! It will be going back to the vent hood soon.

I love the large scale size of this dresser. The tiny one I had before looked like it belonged in a dollhouse. This one fits the space so much better.

The bedding is exactly what I don't like, thin white fabric and a duvet. It was just too pretty and unique to pass up. I decided it will do for now until I'm ready to change the bedding, the rug, add trim and paint the walls. It really could be another year or two before that happens so just making it pretty enough was the plan!

Inspiring Master Bedrooms with Hometalk

Mar 19, 2015

Inspired by my recent master bedroom reveal, I have curated a board on Hometalk of other bloggers great master bedroom DIY projects. Each one is a unique idea that will add character to any bedroom.
I have included everything from DIY headboards, drapes, furniture makeovers, and built-ins to my favorite wainscoting treatments. These are all versatile looks you can customize to fit your style. Visit this board at Hometalk here. See you there!

Master Bedroom Update: White Duvet Alternative

Mar 5, 2015

Will I ever learn the lesson that white does not work in a house full of three boys and one very naughty dog? Probably not considering the recent d├ęcor choices I've made. I did make one very wise decision recently regarding my white dilemma. I finally said goodbye to my white duvet. I love the way duvets look, but I have had horrible luck keeping them clean and unwrinkled.

Here is my bedroom with the duvet. This one is new and I bought it knowing I wouldn't use it. I really just wanted the king shams that came with it. Surprisingly, it was cheaper to buy it as a set than to buy the shams separately. I suppose I can throw on the duvet if I want my bed to look nice for company. Yeah, that will never happen. It is nice to have the option.


It looks a little too white in here until you see how it contrasts with the dark wood floor.

Now, here is my new alternative.

It's still light and bright, but the faux fur does not get nearly as dirty as the white cotton duvet. It's perfect for lightening up the black coverlet. Keep this in mind when you want to lighten up any area of your house. If you want to lighten up a dark sofa place a light colored throw or pillows on it, or both.
I added a bit of decor to the nightstands as well. We don't really have room for it with our laptops, phones and drinks we carry up here every night (wine). But, it looks nice for now.

Just in case you're wondering that really is I picture I took when we were in Paris. I promise I didn't leave the fake photo in the frame. I might have done that in the past, but not this time.
I showed you the dresser a few months ago, but here it is in case you haven't seen it.
I really love the way this room has come along, especially considering the very small budget. I did have to DIY almost everything, but it was so worth it!

Update for Source List

Headboard-Originally from and recovered in a white microfiber fabric (See the DIY project here)

Black Coverlet-Restoration Hardware

White Duvet and Shams-Overstock

Dresser Hardware painted gold, Throw Pillows-Lowe's (Yes, Lowe's!)


Black stencils-Overlays painted black

Drapes, Picture Frames, Gold Vase, Chevron Tray and Throw Blanket-ZGallerie

Lamps, Bust-Homegoods

Nightstand Hardware, Gold Sunburst Mirror-Home Depot

New banner June 2014

No Sew French Pleated Drapes

Jan 29, 2015

I love the look of pleated drapes with their pretty tailoring and perfect folds. Because I don't want to pay for custom drapes I've tried to fake a pleat by pinching the fabric from behind and securing it with a clip. It was better, but it still wasn't quite right. I was frustrated with my messy ready made drapes and just took them down for a while in a few rooms. I decided to check out the pleating tape at the fabric store a few weeks ago to see if I could figure out how to DIY them without having to take a sewing class. I immediately realized after seeing the tape it did not have to be sewn on the drape. I have no idea why it didn't occur to me before, but it can easily be applied to the top of a ready made curtain with fabric tape. Stitch Witchery and Heat n' Bond are common brands. I've used both on fabric projects before and they work great. This one is no exception!

Here are the ZGallerie drapes you may have seen in my bedroom, now triple pleated. I just love the way they hang so nicely now.

I can't wait to show you all the changes I've made in here recently!

The only downside to pleating the drapes is they are a couple of inches too short now, but lowering the rod will solve that problem. I like my drapes to just touch the floor.

Here is how I did it and what I used.

Pleating Tape

I bought mine off Amazon since the one at the fabric store could only be bought by the yard and I had no idea how much I needed. I decided to check Amazon and it was a great deal for an entire roll.

When you lay it out at the top of the drape, the single yellow line goes at the top and the double yellow line goes at the bottom. The vertical white lines are the pockets for the drapery hooks. I don't have them pictured, but you can find them online or in the store. Mine are four pronged with the exception of the single prongs you use at each end of the drape.

Fabric tape

I've bought this everywhere. Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Joann's all has it for just a few dollars a roll. I used less than a roll for two drapes.

I only had a regular hold tape so I decided to use three rows of tape to make sure it would hold.

You'll want to lay out your pleating tape so the pockets at the ends are at equal distance from the edges before you cut it to fit the drape.

Then iron the pleating tape with the bonding tape underneath until it sticks together.

Now, you're ready for the prongs. The single prongs go on the first pocket at each end of the drape. The four prongs can go in the next pocket. After that, I chose to skip two pockets between each prong.

Single prong at the end of the drape

You can see the two pockets I skipped between prongs in this picture.

I attached the round clips I already had to each prong to hang them on the rod.

And, here are both of them finished. I have these pushed further to the sides in this picture. My husband spent too much time and energy on that wood trim to cover it up.

A closer look. They might be a bit wrinkled from being pushed together.

Besides, being very inexpensive it's just a cut and iron project. It took approximately 30 minutes to finish two drapes. The best part is I didn't have to pay an exorbitant price for custom made drapes. You might have noticed I've moved on to my dining room drapes (the gray silk ones pictured above). I'll never have messy drapes again!

My Greek is Showing

Dec 5, 2014

For the past year or so I've noticed the Greek bust trend in interior design. I couldn't believe it was becoming so popular because I distinctly remember rolling my eyes as a kid at my Greek family's statues. Now, I'm not going to decorate my backyard fence with them like my Great Aunt did, but I have been keeping an eye out for one to hold my necklaces on my dresser. Like with all trends that come back, it's done much better than before.

I noticed Homegoods carried them, but all of the ones I found were cracked or had noses missing. It wasn't on purpose to make it more authentic. I finally found one last week that was intact and carted her off. Here she is on my dresser wearing a fabulous necklace.
Now, all I need is a Flokati rug and a gift shop ashtray with ancient Greeks on the side. For some reason I thought those ashtrays were antiques when I was little. Didn't you know the ancient Greeks enjoyed their Marlboros? What's even funnier is they are still selling those "antique" ashtrays in Athens gift shops. I noticed that when we went to Greece earlier this year and got a good laugh. It was tempting to buy one for the sake of nostalgia, but I think I'll just stick to the Greek busts...and maybe a Flokati rug one day.