My Greek is Showing

Dec 5, 2014

For the past year or so I've noticed the Greek bust trend in interior design. I couldn't believe it was becoming so popular because I distinctly remember rolling my eyes as a kid at my Greek family's statues. Now, I'm not going to decorate my backyard fence with them like my Great Aunt did, but I have been keeping an eye out for one to hold my necklaces on my dresser. Like with all trends that come back, it's done much better than before.

I noticed Homegoods carried them, but all of the ones I found were cracked or had noses missing. It wasn't on purpose to make it more authentic. I finally found one last week that was intact and carted her off. Here she is on my dresser wearing a fabulous necklace.
Now, all I need is a Flokati rug and a gift shop ashtray with ancient Greeks on the side. For some reason I thought those ashtrays were antiques when I was little. Didn't you know the ancient Greeks enjoyed their Marlboros? What's even funnier is they are still selling those "antique" ashtrays in Athens gift shops. I noticed that when we went to Greece earlier this year and got a good laugh. It was tempting to buy one for the sake of nostalgia, but I think I'll just stick to the Greek busts...and maybe a Flokati rug one day.


  1. They were big in the 80s...nice to see them make a come back....I had one in my living the beads on yours...very cute!

  2. I love a greek bust! It looks whimsical and chic at the same time with your necklace on it. You crack me up about the antique ash tray comment. Those ancient Greeks were ahead of their time, and so civilized using ash trays and all, LOL! And I still adore that dresser, so pretty and classic.