Master Bedroom Progress

Feb 22, 2018

I mentioned a few times that my living room update led to a master bedroom update. It's because I moved the black and white abstract painting (see below) from the living room to an empty wall in the master bedroom that was just perfect for it.

Here is the before. I loved the look of it, but white duvets made of sheet material are just not for me. It was always a wrinkly mess! I always kept this door shut when we had guests over because I am just not the type of person to iron anything, especially bedding.

I was so tired of the bedding looking terrible and over those lamps (only one worked and the shade was broken on the other). I had been considering moving the black and white artwork to the bedroom and adding a solid ivory duvet for a while. The only problem is large scale artwork is expensive. When I realized the painting I really wanted for the living room was 50% off I bought it, and that is what spurred this two room makeover!

I have to tell you the stars aligned for the best deals ever in this room. I found these Ralph Lauren lamps for $50 each at Homegoods. They looked so much like the ones I have been wanting for several years from Restoration Hardware. The RH ones are over $400 each. Yikes! I did find them on Amazon for a bit over $50, but they're still a great deal if you are interested in them (linked below). I knew I wanted bedding from Hotel Collection. Bedding is something you have to touch before you buy in my opinion. I loved how luxurious this bedding felt in person, but I was really drawn to the heavier fabric that wouldn't wrinkle like my previous duvets. I am so tired of messy beds! The best part it was on sale plus an extra 25% off.

I added the bench back from the foyer. I originally bought it for this room, but needed a piece in there so I borrowed it way too long. I'm thinking about putting it under the artwork and buying a small sofa to go in front of the bed since I have plenty of room. The pillows on it are borrowed from another room. They may just end up staying here. Who knows?!

The bedding is almost complete. I picked two additional pillows to go behind the lumbar, but I haven't had a chance to order them since they're custom. They are mostly neutral with just a bit of black, which I think this bed needs. I still need art or mirrors for above/around the bed. I haven't had a chance to look for anything yet. Maybe I'll just add moulding or wallpaper instead. There are so many possibilities! I just really don't want to paint because I'm the one who ends up painting.

I don't believe I've shown you this chandelier! It's the one I bought for the dining room a while back that was too small. It's pretty during the day, but absolutely fabulous at night with the way the crystals reflect the light. At first I thought it would be too traditional for the room, but I'm liking this mix of contemporary and traditional.

Isn't that wall perfect for the art?

The cream rug with the blue doesn't go in here any longer. I'm thinking a cream and taupe rug would be perfect. I just have to find one...

Ah look at that! There's one right in my living room. I haven't completely decided if I'm going to move it, but I have been wanting a bigger and more colorful rug for the living room.

The best part about this makeover is the way I feel when I walk in here. It feels clean, fresh, luxurious and peaceful. It's odd, but I can't wait to make my bed in the mornings. It's been so many years since I felt that way. The bedroom door can now stay open when we have guests over!

I still have a huge list to tackle before I finish this room, but it just feels better already!


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