Grout Crisis Averted

Jul 9, 2015

When it was time to choose finishes for this house I knew exactly what I wanted. There are only so many choices the builder offers so I looked at every recent build in person and online before I went to the design center. I picked everything very quickly and was abnormally decisive. There were some revisions after I got prices back on tile and flooring, but I kept a cheaper option in mind for most everything knowing that might be the case. Besides the exterior brick vs. stucco drama the only time I second guessed myself is when it came to grout. Yes, grout! I did choose different colors than what I usually see in other homes so it made me a bit nervous. Plus, everyone I asked thought I chose the wrong color. Part of me did realize it was just grout and it would be okay, but I wanted everything to be perfect of course. It's funny since I don't consider myself a perfectionist at all, but when it comes to design every little detail is of the upmost importance. I might have had a little crazy moment the day before the tile guys were scheduled to grout, but it all ended up being fine. Actually, it was more than fine. I love how it all turned out!

In the master bathroom I chose a light gray grout to go with the porcelain tile. Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is porcelain and not marble.

FYI, I have since gotten a pedicure. Those are some rough looking feet.

Good grief they make a mess! But, it shows you a bigger shot of the bathroom in this picture. According to the design center person, everyone has always chosen a white grout with this tile. It looked too white when I held the grout sample next to the tile. I could see the look of skepticism on everyone's face when I chose the gray, but I trusted my gut and I'm glad I did. So, crisis numero uno averted! That's my Texan-Spanish for you.

Now, on to grout crisis number two. Instead of a white grout to go with the charcoal gray slate-like tile I chose alabaster. I thought an almost black tile with a white grout would be too stark. The alabaster sample is light beige/almond/linen/French vanilla. You get the picture. Considering the vanities are white I had a moment of panic when I thought it would look very awkward to say the least.

And, next to a charcoal slate tile alabaster looks white. I feel more than a little silly now. Do you see the raccoon tracks on the tile? He also left a "mark" at the top of the stairs. I'm just hoping he doesn't try to get back in once we're living here to continue making a mark.

Now that the grout issues have been settled I'm just going to share a few more updates.

Yes, we went with wood stairs again. I'm so glad I don't have to DIY it this time around.

This is the wrong iron railing on the Juliet balcony and it's since been fixed with a simpler iron railing, but it's pretty all the same.

Beams in the living room. They will be stained the same dark color as the floors.

I feel the need to take a picture of flowers in this sink. That's what all the farmhouse sink owners do according to Instagram. Now, where am I going to find peonies in Houston?

I have to apologize for not updating as often. Between work, the new house, the sale of the current house, and summer I'm not updating nearly as much as I thought I would. Things are extremely crazy right now and I'm hoping they will settle down once we get moved in. I won't complain too much because everything going on right now is all good stuff.  Follow me on Instagram for more current updates. I'm getting really addicted to Instagram lately. I found a few new people to follow that I just have to share with you.

An amazing custom homebuilder


A fashion blogger with a beautiful home and an insane amount of Valentino rockstuds.

Get your daily dose of Paris

I'm not taking selfies when my phone camera goes off. It's just screenshots I'm saving from here.

A local homebuilder/designer I met years ago through friends. I had no idea how amazing this firm was at the time.

Here is another talented designer I knew before she became a phenomenon. I'm so proud to see how she's grown.

And the always beautiful TIG

Those are some of my faves and I hope you found a few new people to follow!


  1. I LOOOOOVE the grout you chose. You should always go with your gut and not listen to other people! I'm so excited for you :)

  2. I'm itching for a new post about the progress!! No pressure though ;)

  3. Looks great! Could you please tell me the porcelain that looks like marble in the bath