Here Comes the Finishing Touches!

Jun 28, 2015

It's exciting to see the framing of the house, but the finishes are downright thrilling. It's not all awesome as I hold my breath and cross my door-less threshold to see the progress of what I hope is everything I imagined. Even when things aren't perfect it's such small issues that I can't sweat it.
The reality is the house is coming along beautifully! It's a mix of modern and Old World style. Marble, arched doorways, cast stone fireplace, wood floors, white walls...I could go on and on.

Let's start with the exterior. Sometimes it's all in the details. It's amazing what wood shutters did for this house. It added instant charm. The trim still needs to be painted, the landscaping done, and the lighting added. In the scheme of things, that's not much!

The wood floors are in! They won't be stained until closer to the finish date to prevent scratches.

Stair railings

Cast stone fireplace

Master bathroom shower. Can you believe this is porcelain tile?!

The kitchen is in!

There are a few issues to work out in here. The vent hood is not the one we chose and two of the cabinets are missing glass on the left side. There are also a ton of scratches and gouges, but I've been assured it's nothing that can't be fixed before we move in.

Marble countertops in the kitchen

Guest bathroom. I initially chose a white subway tile for the shower walls, but the cost was insane. I can't say I love the standard shower wall tile, but it's going to be covered up by a curtain once we move in so it's probably not that big of a deal.


 One of the boys bathrooms.

All three of the boys bathrooms have the same charcoal gray granite counters, gray slate floors, gray/tan shower wall tile, and white cabinets. I will make them a bit different with lighting and décor, but I didn't want them to argue over who had the best bathroom.

Can you believe all of this has happened in the last two weeks?! This week the tile will be finished, the grouting will start, and the exterior fence is going in. I'm honestly most worried about the grout colors I chose since they aren't traditional white. Well, after this week I will feel relieved or planning how I'm going to fix it!


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  1. I'm so excited for you! Your home is now taking full shape and it looks stunning! I went to check in one of your previous post the home you said it was the same model and ha, it was not the blog I thought it was. I couldn't even find the proper link to the home tour. Anyways I'll wait to see yours, it's almost done! ;) I'm drooling all over your kitchen, well all over the entire house!