Coffee Bar and Kitchen Accessories

Sep 16, 2013

I've always admired coffee bars, but thought I really didn't need one for my kitchen. I still don't, but they sure are cute!

coffee bar frame

I installed Photoshop and got excited with the text and frames.

I have a glass container next to my Keurig for more kcups. My husband and I have to keep ours separated since he drinks decaf. That would make both of our mornings miserable if we grabbed the wrong one.


I went to Anthropologie for the sole purpose of buying the orange topped spice jar, but I could not resist buying a few more things.


And a few kitchen towels...


coffee bar frame

I'm thinking about adding more spice jars for ground cinnamon and chocolate. I love it with a bit of whipped cream in the fall. If you have a coffee bar, what do you keep in yours?

One on sidebar


  1. I think what I love most are the blue and white dishes! They are a classic. I found some blue and white pieces at a flea market not too long ago and I'm loving them!

  2. I have a counter where we have the coffee pot but that's all we have, I only drink coffee in the morning till noon and that's it. I do think it's cute though when I see one all done up.
    Love, love Anthropologie, I always go in to look at all the neat things! Thanks for stopping by loved having you!


  3. Cute coffee bar! I've been wanting a keurig and maybe this is the year I get finally one. Love this little area of your kitchen.

  4. Looks cute. Why bother drinking coffee if it's decafe?! I tried to do that but it didin't last long. I think the spices would be nice and great for hot chocolate if it ever cools off enough to enjoy some.

  5. Very cute Jennifer! Anthro is hard to leave without a bag full of things!

  6. Great coffee station! And, probably more space-efficient than my bar cart idea :)

  7. What a cute coffee bar, Jennifer! Your Blue Willow pieces look so nice.....just waiting for someone to make a yummy cuppa.
    I am glad to follow your homey blog......take a peek at mine, please. My first post was MY coffee spot in the kitchen!
    Have a lovely day!

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    Have nice Day!

  9. Great work! Good for kitchen accessories and for KitchenAid. Thanks for sharing dear.