The Perfect Spring Outfit

Apr 19, 2022

When I saw this two piece set I couldn't get over how pretty it was, especially for less than $200. I mocked up shoes and accessories to go with it, but I have less expensive options as well. The best part is that it comes in petite and plus sizes. I will definitely be wearing this all spring and summer long.


Hill Country Wine Tasting and LTK Sale

Apr 11, 2022

April is the best month in Texas! The wildflowers are blooming, the weather is beautiful and the mosquitoes haven't yet appeared. We are fortunate to live right where the Texas Hill Country begins, and get to experience the wildflowers blooming every spring. This weekend was the perfect time to take a little day trip for wine tasting and bluebonnets. 

This is where my oldest son graduated from high school last year. It's the only time of year I look forward to picking my kids up!

My shorts are part of the LTK sale that goes through tomorrow! Express is offering $10 off $100 if you shop through the app. I've linked all my favorites. I've bought almost off of it!

Blue Hydrangea Laundry Room Reveal

Apr 4, 2022

I should title this post as "The Ugliest Room in the House Becomes the Prettiest." I'm definitely not posting a photo of what the laundry room looked like before. I'm not sure I even have one! Picture scuffed white walls, a dim fluorescent light and industrial shelving with 5,000 kitchen items spilling off the shelves. It definitely did not fit the rest of the house, but was still low on the priority of list of projects so we decided to DIY what we could. I honestly did not imagine it would turn out so amazing. I couldn't be happier aesthetically and how well it functions. 

We replaced the industrial shelves with two pantries and a lower drawer cabinet between them. I bought the assembled cabinets online through Home Depot. I had considered lining the entire wall with pantries for more storage, but I really wanted a counter for the laundry baskets since the room is so small. We have a top loading washer so a counter over that was out. It would also have made the room feel even smaller, plus I wanted to make it pretty with shelving. 

My initial plan was to get unfinished cabinets and then paint them a blue-gray color, but I really didn't trust myself with a sprayer for a smooth finish. It's also a process, and that's the reason it can be expensive to hire someone. So, I decided to get the pre-finished white and add color to the walls instead. 

The icing on top of this makeover is the blue hydrangea wallpaper from Schumacher. This was the last item to go in the room, and it went from nice to amazing just like that. It's fairly inexpensive wallpaper for Schumacher. I did spend extra on having it installed professionally because I'm not that great at it. FYI, the installer uses a liner first since we have textured walls. It prevents us from having to get them sanded first. The wallpaper wasn't so inexpensive that I could do the whole room so I matched up the lightest background color to my paint swatches and painted the walls a pale blue color myself.

**Similar wallpaper linked**

There isn't a mudroom in the house, which doesn't bother me since the kids keep their things in their rooms now. We had one in the last house and it was always a mess with a dirty sock smell. However, I know it will most likely be important when we sell since they have become so popular. I added the vertical shiplap and hooks for a quasi-mudroom. It's also a good place to hang clothes that need drying. I like it because the wood keeps the walls from getting scuffed. I also extended it under the cabinets for a more finished look. 

I added this shelf above the washer and dryer. It's an easy and low cost L-shape to hide the water and vent lines. I like that it gives me a space to add a little bit of decor. 

The cabinets over the washer and dryer were existing. Thankfully, the color matches the new cabinets so I didn't have to paint them. They are also an almost exact match to the new paneled cabinets. 

This side of the room turned out pretty amazing too! All but one tiny drawer in our kitchen is now a junk drawer. Everything else got organized into the new base cabinet, which frees up a lot of kitchen space. I still need to organize the pantries, but they are stuffed full already. They mostly hold our large appliances like air fryers and slow cookers. 

Here's a closer look at the shelves I ordered on Etsy. It would have been about the same price to make them ourselves. I also wanted to be done with this project! I had planned on tiling the backsplash but we had extra shiplap so this was an inexpensive and easy option. We don't need tile anyway since there isn't a sink in here. 

I considered making this area into a butler's pantry with my wine or a coffee bar. I tried both, but didn't like having to walk the extra 10 feet in here. I'm glad I tried it before buying any new accessories. Most everything on the shelves are from Target or things I already had. I mixed and matched the hardware style, but it's all the same brass finish.

Also, I replaced the fluorescent light with this new brass quatrefoil flush mount. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see the fluorescent light go. We asked for recessed lights in here when we built, but the builder made a mistake and refused to fix it. I think I got mad again every single time I walked in here!

Now I can leave the laundry room door open with this pretty view!

You can really see how well it goes with the kitchen now. 

It also goes great with the breakfast room. More blue hydrangeas! 


Christmas Home Tour 2021

Dec 19, 2021

I know it's the week of Christmas, but I couldn't let it pass without a Christmas home tour. Let's get started with the foyer. It's almost everyone's favorite "room" I decorate for the holidays. 

The ribbon is a sage green to pick up the new pillows in the living room. I don't change much of my decor year to year because it's expensive and who has a place to store all of it? One way easy way to update your decorations is to just change out the ribbon. You can add a few complimentary ornaments, but I left mine all white and gold. 

We have a new tree in the living room! I'm so happy we switched out our 12 foot tree for a 9 foot. It's so much easier to decorate! It's also just a beautiful tree with LED lights and realistic branches. It's flocked, but I thought after having a green tree for so many years I would switch it up.

My mantel hasn't changed much over the years, but I did add little snowflake LED lights that twinkle and it makes it so magical at night. 

The kitchen is all about greenery this year. The boxwood wreaths are dried, but the greenery in the vase is fresh. I learned my lesson about real greenery. It's only happening if I can put it in water. Otherwise it just dies way too fast (and makes a mess). 

I'm excited to show you my breakfast room! I usually leave it out of photos because it's been such an eyesore, but I'm halfway through with my makeover so it's ready to be seen. I love this planter I bought recently, and how cute is it with this little tree? We're going to have brunch in here Christmas morning so I can't wait to set the table with our fun snowman dishes. 

Of course I have to share a photo of Mario! Here he is waiting for the delivery man. It's the highlight of his day!


Sephora Insider Sale: All My Favorites

Nov 9, 2021

Sephora is having a sale! I always stock up on my favorites because beauty products can get really expensive. I'll take any discount I can get. I try to stick to drugstore brands when possible, but there are some products that are downright magical and completely worth the price.

Here is how it works:

Rouge Members: 20% off

VIB: 15% off 

Insiders: 10% off (Starts Thursday, but you can still sign up)

Use code YAYHOLIDAY to get the discount and free shipping

30% off Sephora Collection (no code needed)

The best thing about signing up (besides access to these beauty events) is being able to earn points towards coupons or free products. I always take the coupon and get $10 off about every third time I order. 

These are my favorites!

1. This CC cream is the foundation I wear daily. It provides full coverage, but it feels very light on the skin. I love that there is SPF 50 in it, too. 

2. This contour kit is a powder instead of a harsh dark liquid that's almost impossible to blend. I wear it under my cheekbones, at my hairline and under my chin. 

3. Grab one of these lip masks for everyone you know! This is the only thing that works for my chapped lips. 

4. My hairdresser recommended this product to repair my hair between highlights. It's a must if you have dry or chemically treated hair. 

5. Velvet Orchid is my absolute favorite perfume. I use others seasonally, but this is my go to all year. 

6. I wear this foundation for a night out. It lasts all day and provides exceptional coverage. 

7. This Nars blush is iconic for a reason!

8. I've bought this eyeshadow palette several times over because the neutral colors are so good. I don't need anything else. 

9. This is my daily curling iron. I use it to give my straight hair a little volume. I use the wand version if I want curls. 

10. This is one of the products I can't live without. It takes my hair from sandpaper to silky. Just check the reviews!

11. If there is one thing you must try, it's this moisturizer. I've been using it for years and it's so much better than Le Mer. 

12. Mix 2-3 drops of this with your facial moisturizer for a buildable and believable faux tan. It's much less harsh than typical tanning lotions.