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Fall Foyer

Sep 28, 2019

I feel like my foyer is your favorite room in my house! There's been a "bring it" mentality that goes on in my head because of it. I actually thank you for that because I can get a little lackadaisical if I don't have motivation. My design clients get treated to well thought out designs, but when it comes to my own personal spaces I will procrastinate on what I know that needs to be done. I get excited about my home all over again just by bringing in a few new things or even moving items in from other rooms during the holidays. It's exactly what I do for my staging clients so it's nice to give myself the same treatment.

This year I was motivated by these beautiful lavender mums. I didn't know where I was going to put them, but I immediately wanted to pair them with white and light green pumpkins somewhere. My design approach during the holidays is to combine different colors/styles until I get the exact combination that resonates with me at that moment. Besides the color scheme, I knew I wanted something a bit romantic. I've been shying away from transitional decor and more into a pretty, French look lately. I'm sure this will pass, but I want that feel for now.

I wanted a garden stool next to this chair as soon as I started putting this together. I found something online within ten minutes, and had it delivered two days later. I still find this technology amazing. I had a pager in high school for goodness sake!

I am working on my backyard and kitchen next before I give you the full fall tour next week. I am anxious to be done because it's going to be so busy with homecoming for my older son. He has a parade, he's nominated for homecoming court, a football game and a dance to go to all next week. Then there are so many festivals at home and at our beach house in Galveston. I also want to make all of those pinned fall recipes you can find on my Pinterest board under "food." I know you follow me for interior design, but I consider myself a homemaker first. I honestly believe that makes me the best at my job!


Fall Living Room

Sep 17, 2019

There are only a few more days until the beginning of fall! We're kicking it off in Houston with a tropical storm. Hopefully, the flooding is minimal and we'll just get some much needed rain. There's also our beach house in Galveston to worry about. I'm watching The Weather Channel meteorlogists on TV a few miles down the beach from our house there. That's one good way to keep an eye on it! Thankfully, it looks perfectly fine so far. 

The temperature is much cooler because of the rain. I made apple cider tea, lit a pumpkin candle and plopped myself right here in the living room to enjoy the fall decor and candlelight. My fall decor is much lighter this year. I love the way these peach roses and pumpkins look with the blue and gray decor. It doesn't really get cool here until it's time to break out the Christmas decorations so a lighter color scheme works well with our climate too. 

I kept it simple with fresh florals, pumpkins and candlelight. I don't have much fall decor, but I love the few glass pumpkins I have. I buy most of mine at Homegoods.

I love how the colors fit right in with the rest of the room. It still semi-traditional in color to make the kids happy. I'm almost finished with the other areas of the house that I will be showing you soon!


Living Room Change Up

Nov 4, 2018

If you follow me on Instagram (particularly the stories) you know I had a rug saga going on in my living room. I knew I wanted something in an abstract pattern with a bit of blue. There wasn't much to choose from that wasn't a silk Tibetan rug aka expensive, but I finally found something affordable that would work. It was delivered in the evening while I was at a client's house so my husband and son laid it out for me. The minute I walked in the living room I was shocked. It was a lot of blue! 

I went back and forth about keeping it or returning it. It's really pretty in the daylight when the sun washes out the blue. The contrast between the blue and cream is really noticeable in dim lighting, which wasn't the look I was going for. I can't say it's perfect, but once I looked at photos with my old cream rug and the new one I decided it looks so much better with the addition of the blue. 

I also like how it picks up the blue in the art above the TV. 

(Sorry, these photos are a bit blurry. I used my nicer camera, but must have done something wrong).

The only problem is the pillows on the sofa need to be changed out now to something with less pattern. These are old Homegoods pillows that were $16.99 that I picked up on a whim until I decided on something more permanent anyway.

I have so much blue in my house it's nice that to have it carried through to the living room now.

My old cream rug found it's way into the bedroom. I haven't photographed it yet because I need to address that big stain by my foot first. That is the reason I buy inexpensive rugs! Folex works wonders for stain removal FYI. Here is a quick Instagram photo I snapped for my stories the other day. I was excited about finally being able to wear my orange fall sweater with the cooler temps! I would eventually like a viscose tone on tone striped rug in a cream or beige, but I haven't had a chance to look yet. I need to get moving on those living room throw pillows first!

I just realized I sound like a hot mess-mysterious rug stains, blurry photos, rash shopping decisions, smudged mirror, zero time to address any of least I like my outfit! 


Fall Home Tour 2018

Oct 10, 2018

I'm so excited to share my fall home tour with you! Most of my decor is just fresh pumpkins and florals, but I have a few new items this year as well. 

Let's get started with the entry! Most of my decor is neutral, but I have traditional fall color on the front porch to blend with the Halloween decor I will be putting out this weekend. I wanted to fill these planters with fall color, but these ferns just look too amazing to move!

This is my absolute favorite photo! I just love the light colors, the lanterns, the cinderella pumpkins and the overall romantic look of the foyer. It's just magical at night when it's all lit up.


See my last post for more photos of the dining room. I'll be setting my Thanksgiving table next month with richer colors.


Candlelight is a must for fall with the days getting shorter. 


I kept it simple in the kitchen this year. I decided to let the baking I've been doing lately take center stage. 

Just piling on the pumpkins in the breakfast room!


A pretty pink pumpkin for my bedside table. 


Decorating the backyard to this extreme for fall is new for me, but we do spend most of our time out here.

Of course Mario has to make an appearance in my home tour!


I'm so excited to have this backyard decorated! It's not just because we spend the evenings and weekends out here, but because we will be taking photos of my son and his date for their homecoming dance this weekend! I'm already mentally positioning them in front of the pool and on the patio stairs. Stay tuned for my Halloween front porch and Thanksgiving table!

Early Fall Tablescape

Sep 25, 2018

I say early fall because there is a huge difference in the way I decorate my table between the beginning of fall compared to Thanksgiving. It's hard to break out the dark autumn colors when the temperatures are still in the 90s! I do love the white pumpkins and greenery too. The urn was a recent Homegoods find, and I immediately knew it would be a great dining room centerpiece. I also bought these beautiful etched wineglasses I've been eyeing for months. They are big enough they can also be used for water goblets on Thanksgiving. Everything else were items I already had on hand with the exception of the roses and pumpkins I picked up at the grocery store. The eucalyptus is real, but it is dried so I can use it for years to come. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $10. It's such a great deal!