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New Chairs for the Living Room

Jul 30, 2023

I haven't made any changes to my house in a long time. That's not like me at all! I have been more focused on having fun in my spare time with family and friends. However, I could not take looking at my French chairs in my living room one more day when it hit me how much they were not my style at all anymore. I needed to get rid of them yesterday. 

I have been using a lot of swivel barrel style chairs in my projects so I knew that's what I wanted. I also wanted something neutral because as much as I love the blue accents in my living room, I'm getting a little tired of it. It's nice to have the option to switch up colors with the seasons too. I found the perfect chairs at World Market. If you buy them online and pick them up in the store you get an extra 15% off. That makes them under $500 each with tax!

The fabric is an ivory chenille, and of course they swivel! It's hard to tell in the photo because my ceilings are so high, but the back is higher than a lot of chairs this style. It makes them comfortable enough for my 6 foot tall kids.

I don't think I've posted a non-holiday photo with the new millwork we built on the TV wall. It adds so much character to the room. Between the millwork and the new Frame TV I don't feel like this wall is such an eyesore anymore. There was a time I was going to tear out the fireplace and center it on the wall. It would have been a fortune so I'm happy I found this less expensive option.

So what's next? I'd like a bigger rug and a contemporary square coffee table. I'm on the fence about a new media center and a more modern chandelier. I'm hoping they will blend with my new things. Here is a mockup I did when I was trying to decide on the direction I'm going to take this room.  The price tag on these items are quite high so I'll have to make some concessions on the exact pieces, but I love the look. I definitely want some type of burl wood in the room. 

So there's a lot to think about! 

World Market 30% Off Sale: My Dining Room Picks

Oct 11, 2019

World Market is having a great friends and family sale with 30% off almost everything! I rounded up my favorite dining room furniture picks since the holidays are upon us. I also mocked them up so you can see how they look in a room, and then styled them with my favorite accessories.

Room #1

Room #2

Here are some of my other favorite chair options!

Boys Industrial Workspace

Sep 25, 2014

I should have known that buying my 12 year old son a desk for his room would mean that his little brother would also want one. There were two major problems that almost had me saying no. One, I know my 8 year old will not be able to sit in his room alone to do homework. If he happened to see a squirrel outside the window his homework would be completely forgotten. The second problem is his room is super tiny. He already has a full size bed, nightstand and dresser that barely fit. Where could I possibly put a desk? He did have a little space next to his bed, but I didn't think I could find that small of a desk so I mentally scratched the idea. Well, I happened to notice a tiny industrial desk at World Market several weeks later that I knew would fit, and it does!

I also bought a metal chair at World Market to go with it. I love the rubber feet on the bottom so it doesn't scratch his wood floor. I was a little worried it might be uncomfortable, but it doesn't seem to bother him. Ah, youth.

Can you believe I found the sconce at Lowe's for $40? I've always admired this type of light, but the price tag has always been too high. I suppose if you wait around long enough someone will make a knock off version.

I'm a huge fan of pinboards in kids rooms for displaying their favorite artwork. All of my boys look at them regularly, and show off their projects to friends and family.


I love the little slot in the desk (just like when I was in school). He's already storing a few school papers in there that he doesn't have room for on his pinboard. Even if it doesn't get much use, it's good storage. He didn't say much about it, but I wasn't surprised since he's always been a boy of few words. I could tell by the half smile/smirk he loved it. I knew he would since he's drawn towards everything rustic and industrial. He might be quiet, but he's got style!