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My Two Weeks in Italy: Capri

Aug 8, 2022

I am finally sharing my favorite place in Italy...Capri! We've been here before, and I was wondering if it would be as wonderful on our second trip. The answer is absolutely yes!

We had to take a train to Naples, get a driver to the port and then take a ferry for about 30 minutes to the island of Capri. It sounds like a lot, and it kind of is a lot for most people. It's worth it, but there are definitely different types of people on a ferry. My husband went to the bar. Our friends went on their phones. I fell asleep the minute the waves started rocking. I'm nervous to ever take a cruise because I would literally sleep like a baby.

We stayed at the Hotel Weber Ambassador this trip. There were positives and negatives about it, but I'll  go through why and you can decide if it's worth it. A positive is that there was a shuttle bus to meet us when we docked from the ferry. The negative is we had to call when we docked to be picked up, and then walk way past the taxi stand to the other side of the port to be picked up. I would have taken a taxi if I knew how far it was. 

Then we had to experience Italian driving at it's worst. We were inches from a stone wall on one side (that we scraped several times) and inches from a two foot wall on the other side with a sheer drop to the sea below. I had to close my eyes many times so I didn't have an anxiety attack. The worst is that the one lane road only fits a car and a half. We had to squeeze by and the driver had to pull the rearview mirrors in to make it past the other cars.

However, this hotel has the most amazing view I've ever seen! Our room had an enormous patio with this view. There's the beach, beach club and all of the yachts in the background. My favorite activity was to google the names of the boats so I could figure out who was out there. FYI, there are lots of billionaires and celebrities! 

The worst part of our trip is when they didn't have our reservation. Um, what?! It turns out they cancelled it the day before because our credit card didn't go through. We had our card cancelled because of a fraud alert the month before, and a new one issued. It was an easy process to update it with the other hotels, but we didn't with this one because we had no idea they were going to run it when they did. We had never even gotten a confirmation when we booked directly. I had reached out and asked for a confirmation. All they said was yes, we have you booked. I had no idea they were going to run our card the day before we arrived. The manager reprimanded me for not updating it. I was so close to raising my voice to tell him that I was never notified that it would be run before our stay, but I held it in so I could possibly get a room. The assistant manager had previously assured me they still had one room left, and it turns out that it was the exact one we booked so I let it slide. He was also horrible to her so I didn't want to make it worse for her when I left. I felt like he was equally awful to the entire staff by the time we left. Honestly, the staff could be amazing or amazingly bad depending on who you get.

The rooms were adequate and decent sized, but definitely nothing fancy. I have found this to be the case at almost all of the hotels in Capri. However, the view and the price definitely made up for it! Another positive of the hotel is that there are always food and drinks available. We ordered the best sangria we've ever had twice on our trip to enjoy with this view. Breakfast is available for an extra 13 euros per day. I had it twice, and my husband had it all four days.

Our first evening there we went into town via the shuttle bus. It's kind of a pain because it is a 15 minute drive, but you can only get this view away from town. When we stayed at the Regina Cristina five years ago we had just a sliver of an ocean view, but we could walk right out our door and be in the middle of everything. I can't say which is better to be honest. The hotel with the billion dollar view (literally) and full-service restaurant or the boutique hotel right in town? Argh, I don't know!

Here are some photos when we got there. We ended up having an early dinner at a restaurant on Via Camerelle where we had eaten five years ago. The tables have bamboo canopies over the tables on the sidewalk, which is great for people watching. We noticed two gorgeous girls and a guy slowly walking by that just looked other worldly. My husband immediately recognized that they were paid models. I didn't believe it until he pointed out that they each had a tote bag that advertised Capri. Well, my imagination (and our friends too) thought that they were vampires lol. They just had an odd cadence to their walk in addition to being amazingly beautiful. Capri is like a living fashion show!

Aquazurra is one of my favorite shoe brands! Isn't their store in Capri so cute? 

The next two days we had rented a boat to tour around the island!

Sometimes I feel so old, but looking at this photo I realize we will one day say,"Look at how young we were!"

We went to the famous Blue Grotto for the first time. The last time we were here the captain said to skip it. Honestly, I agree. It isn't worth the hype, but I had to see it for myself. You have to pay 12.50 euros per person and wait until a boat comes to get you. You have to pay at another boat before you are allowed to go through the cave. You have to lay flat in the boat to go through the entrance, but it's not that big of a deal as they make it out to be on the YouTube videos we watched. It was okay, but definitely not worth the price or the wait. The water is an electric blue in the cave, but not all that much different from the photo of us above. We only had to wait 20 minutes, but I've heard the wait can be hours! FYI, the water is extremely salty! It's also very cool, but perfect for a hot summer day.

I mentioned before that googling the owners of these boats were fun. I saw one guy with big headphones on what looked to be a conference call as he paced the decks. It turns out it was Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana. His boat is worth $60 million dollars! Mariah Carey was also there. Most were Russian businessmen. Who runs the world?! Fashion, music and Russians obviously. The pictures don't do these boats justice. They are literally the size of my small neighborhood.

I had many must-sees on this trip! One of them was what I call the Lemon Restaurant aka Paolino Capri. I have saved so many photos of this restaurant with the enormous lemons hanging over the tables. One actually dropped on a table while we were there! Is there lemon insurance? Anyway, I had the perfect outfit for it. I was so excited to wear my yellow linen two-piece skirt set here. Okay, it was a bit literal and I felt somewhat silly, but I was so happy to finally be here. 

They are wearing different shirts FYI. 

I need hand painted plates of my backyard now. 

My husband just sent me a video from Instagram of P. Diddy singing That's Amore here a couple of days ago. It inspires all of us! Well, Mary J. Blige didn't look impressed. Maybe she just needed some limoncello?

I'll be 100% honest. I'm writing this for me as much as you. I read blogs like this when I go on vacation so I hope it helps you plan your trip. Also, I want to have this archived as I forget details. I go back to my old trip blogs because I forget things.

The third day of our trip we went to Positano for the day! This was my last must-see of the trip. I have also saved so many photos of the hotel Villa Treville's restaurant. I will say the views from Positano are the best!

I could not stop taking photos!

The trip to get to Villa Treville from the port was kind of a mess, but completely our own fault. I'll just leave it at that. But, we got there even if we were about to die of heat exhaustion. 

It was so beautiful that my husband got irritated I didn't book a room here. I told him it was too expensive and he kind of scoffed at me. He looked it up and at the height of summer that we were there it was $4000 night. Ha! That's why I booked a restaurant reservation. Honestly, I love it here but Capri is still my favorite even if there isn't a hotel that compares to Villa Treville. 

Another thing that I love about this place is that they said we could take their boat back to the port!

And the next day we were off to fly back home! However, we did make an amazing stop on the way. Stay tuned...