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My New Two Pages Custom Curtains

Sep 17, 2023

I have been dreaming about curtains for my living room windows since we moved in, but as a designer I knew they were going to cost a fortune. I heard about Two Pages "viral" custom curtains that could be bought on Amazon from home decor influencers for much cheaper than going through a fabricator. I was definitely intrigued enough to bookmark the website a couple of months ago. Thankfully, I never got around to ordering because Two Pages reached out soon after for a collaboration. I was thrilled!

Aren't they beautiful?! They changed the entire look and feel of the living room. It's so much cozier and elegant at the same time.

My curtains are the Liz Drape in a polyester linen fabric. I chose these because I wanted something that didn't wrinkle as much as my 100% linen curtains. The header is a pinch pleat, but I also love the triple and Euro pleat that are available as well. I prefer a non-filtered curtain for a more elegant look so I chose a blackout liner. I love light filtering curtains in more casual rooms. I think what sets these curtains apart from everyone else is the memory shaping. I didn't even iron or steam them. The wrinkles fell out after a few days of hanging! I was recently asked how I chose the color. I decided that the beige-white was perfect for this room because it goes so well with the wall and trim paint. I didn't want to match the decor and then it not match if I change things up in the future. 

How to measure? There are measuring guides the company website if you want them to be functional. You also might consider a traverse rod to make it easier to close. Mine are strictly for aesthetics. I wanted to frame the windows for a softer and more polished look. I prefer a very full look so I measured how much width I could have without blocking the view when they are open. Mine are 72" wide open and about 22" wide closed. I can close them if needed at that width. I hung them as high as possible. The 132" length were perfect for my windows. If you don't have moulding, I suggest to go as close to the ceiling as possible. 

Before photo-It didn't look bad since we added the woodwork a few years ago, but it still lacked the warmth curtains could provide.

So much better!