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A Mini Summer Vacation

Aug 19, 2013

This has been a weird summer. I haven't gotten much accomplished, but I've been busier than ever. I've been slacking on my housekeeping, rarely going to the gym, blogging only once a week, barely making it out the door to work, not doing my normal DIY projects, etc. I still can't figure out why I'm constantly moving and not getting anything done. My kids are being entertained via Xbox and it's been making me feel really guilty. I also didn't want to send them back to school without some sort of summer vacation.

On Friday, I planned a spur of the moment trip to San Antonio. We decided to spend Saturday afternoon at Natural Bridge and Caverns and all day Sunday at Sea World. My kids had mixed feelings since we usually go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and The Alamo every year. They have a strange fascination with The Alamo and can tell you all about it-who was there, the date, how many people fought and were killed, where Jim Bowie and William Travis are buried, etc. It's different, but I'm weirdly proud. I was never interested myself, but seeing it through their eyes makes me see it in an entirely different light. I swear I'm turning into a boy sometimes! Sea World and some caves sounded so boring in comparison to roller coasters and imagined gun battles. Thankfully, they were pleasantly surprised by the roller coasters at Sea World and how immense these caves really are.

Natural Bridge and Caverns




Excuse the terrible cellphone pics! In my hurry out the door I completely forgot my camera. The kids thought the caves were going to be small like Huck Finn's island at Disney World, lol. My older son said, "This is so cool!" Yes, it is!

We headed down to The Riverwalk that night for dinner.


It really is an awesome place, but the crowds and parking are a nightmare. We've been here enough that I really don't feel the need to come down here every time we visit. I'd rather stay a little further out by the parks. We always stay at the same place because we can get a two bedroom suite with a living room, but one day I'd like to stay at The Hyatt Hill Country Resort. This is why!

There's a golf course, spa, sandy beach, lazy river, marshmallow roasting, surfing (yes, surfing), etc. Maybe next time?

We didn't spend much time at our hotel though since we got up early on Sunday for a full day at Sea World.


I might have gotten a little carried away with the "fun frames" on the Sea World app.


I think some back to school haircuts need to be on the agenda this week after looking at this pic, lol.

Take note of where we're sitting...



This is right before we got completely soaked by Shamu. My older two sons thought it was awesome. My five year old was not thrilled at all. He walked around the park all day saying,"I don't like Shamu. He got me all wet." The boy can hold a grudge because this morning when I told him he needed to take a shower since he smelled like Shamu water, I heard him mutter under his breath, "stupid whale." Hahaha! Don't worry, he had a good time. Actually, we all had a great time. I think one night getaways are perfect because there's no vacation fatigue, and very little packing and unpacking to do. We're going to have to do this more often. Now, it's back to reality, aka housework!