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An Inspiring Renovation

Nov 12, 2012

I was so excited to open my town's lifestyle and home magazine this month and see the featured home. Go ahead and roll your eyes at "lifestyle magazine" because I do ALL the time. I usually throw these magazines out without a second glance since I'm not in the market for cosmetic dentistry or plastic surgery, but I immediately knew from the cover that this home was built by the same home builder as mine. Most of the homes were built in the 90s and are really, really dated. I absolutely love that it's been renovated because most people just make minor improvements and move to a newer home out here in the suburbs. It's also so refreshing to see a relatively affordable home featured once in a while. This home is 2800 square feet, but doesn't it look larger from the front?

You can definitely tell this house is by the same builder as mine. I wish I had these garage doors.

Brick front porch...hmmm.

The white walls and height of the ceiling makes it a perfect gallery for the homeowner's art.

This kitchen is my favorite room in the house. The first thing I did after seeing this picture was look and see if I could fit three lights above my kitchen window. Unfortunately, I can't because of the moulding we added around the window.

This is my second favorite. The wainscoting, the floors, and the vanity are giving me serious bathroom envy.

Downstairs study

The kids' television room. Ours is very similar in size, but definitely not in style. It may be time to take the train pictures off the walls.

This is definitely what my house is missing! There may be a pool in our future now that the kids are getting older.

The current homeowner bought this house already renovated. Lucky her! When I was reading through the article I noticed the previous owner is an interior designer at the same firm as a friend of mine. No wonder! That company does fabulous work that's been featured in many magazines. I'm glad to see the new homeowner put her stamp on it in a way that fits this great renovation.