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Finishing Touches

May 9, 2013

Accessorizing a room takes time despite the insta-rooms we see on tv. I'm trying my best to finish up two rooms right now, my living room and the kids' game room. This is why my cart at Homegoods was piled embarrassingly high with home decor a couple of days ago. I had no idea if many of the things I bought would work once they were in the room, but the good thing is that I can always take back whatever I don't use. I'm not finished yet and still have even more things to buy, but I can already see the fireplace wall taking shape.

I had planned on buying two white vases for the mantel and I found the perfect one, but the problem is there was only one in the store. Isn't that the way it always works out? I bought it anyway and will stalk Homegoods until they bring another one in.

I absolutely adore the new platter, but I'm not sure it goes here so I'm keeping the tag on for now.

I didn't even realize the picture frames needed to be replaced until I started putting it all together. And, I'm fully aware the basket of books is a hot mess. I'll just keep shopping and rearranging until I find the right combination.

Mario also got a doggie accessory. I'm hoping he'll stay off the white sofa and chairs now that he has a new bed. I think he might like it. He laid on it for a while the first night and then promptly "marked" it. Thank goodness it's washable and that he hasn't felt the need for a repeat performance. Don't you just love the way he blends into the fabric? Oh, and that's one of the kids dirty socks he's chewing on. Nice.

I also bought new pillows and hung pictures of the boys up in the game room. At least this wall is finished.

I really love the way this room is turning out. The boys don't have much to say about it, but they do like watching tv and playing video games in here a lot more lately. That's good enough for me because it keeps them off the white sofa and chairs in the living room!