New Living Room Lamps

Feb 10, 2018

The living room update continues! It really is a mini update with small changes, but they make such an impact all together. I just received these faux marble lamps from Overstock a few days ago. I've eyed these for a while, but was wary of the quality. I realized if I waited around for my budget to catch up to my taste this living room was never going to come together. I have to admit when I took them out of the box I was skeptical over the extremely shiny brass. I kept looking at my Pottery Barn gold lamps (the ones with the gray shades) and could not help but notice the difference in quality. As soon as I set them up on my media console all of my doubts went away. They just blend so nicely! You would never know how inexpensive they really were. They are a bit more contemporary than what you usually see from me, but they still go with the traditional elements in the room. I love this mix of traditional French and contemporary for this house. It just fits!

The fiddle leaf tree in the corner is new, but I am still scouting for a taller one. Those plate covers where the surround sound pre-wire drives me crazy. A taller tree would definitely cover the one on the left.

Here's a closer look.

I also painted the frames on this artwork a champagne color. They were a bright silver before. I had hoped some of the silver would shine through since I don't want everything gold, but it looked streaky with a light brushing. I ended up using three coats of paint, which covered the entire frame in a dark gold color. I am considering sponging on a bit of silver so it looks more like my mirror over the fireplace. I am still on the fence about it (mainly because I just don't want to do it lol). We'll see if it continues to bother me. 

Here is the before with different art above the TV and random accessories on the media unit. Hopefully, the new fiddle leaf doesn't meet the same fate as the one next to the fireplace. This picture was also taken before we added the window trim. The bamboo shades helped block the sun, but definitely do not go in this room any longer. The black console has been moved to the breakfast room (aka the land of leftover furniture).


Decorating around a TV is always difficult, but it's especially hard when you have a bare 20 foot wall with zero architecture. A collage of paintings/photos around the TV also works, but I decided to style it as I would any other console. Ideally, I would like a very tall custom media center with doors to cover the TV down the road. Until that day comes this works for now!


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