Living Room Update: More Artwork

Feb 3, 2018

My living room update is chugging along! I hung up the artwork over the TV, and I just love the way it looks. They add so much interest to this wall. The silver frames still need to be painted a champagne/gold color. I bought the paint so I'm thinking I will have it completed some time in the next week. I considered starting it tonight, but I'm sitting in front of the fire with a glass of wine. I need brighter light and no alcohol so I don't get paint on the glass!

I'm still working on accessories for the fireplace, media center and black end table. What I'm really struggling with is the pillows. I have so many options pinned, but I just can't decide! Hopefully, I will decide soon since they will take a while to ship out because they are custom made.

This living room update spurred a master bedroom update. There's a post coming soon! We're also getting quotes for the home office wallpaper and the back porch balcony railing, too. Did I mention I'm also in the middle of planning a big party? Yes, it's a crazy time!

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