Early Christmas Decor

Nov 16, 2016

Life is busier than ever for me with work, kids, and an always out of town husband. I'm not complaining because even though it's busy life is full and good. Once Halloween was over I decided to start on Christmas because I was a little nervous things might not get done on time if I didn't start early. I was right because I'm only halfway done decorating the interior at this point. I'm hoping to finish the decorations and finalize the kids Christmas list this weekend. Wish me luck!

I'm not big on anything I have to store for Christmas, but I absolutely love this reindeer. Doesn't he look handsome with his poinsettia wreath? He's the first thing you see when you walk in the entryway and he makes the best impression. Love him!

I am so excited my tree is finally done. My kids said that the cream, gold and silver tree from last year didn't look like "Christmas." My son made the air quotations and everything when he said it. My other son said he wanted to see more red. Okay then! I had a bit of an issue decorating with red because it does not fit in with my house at all. It feels so jarring when everything else is so light. I had to figure out a way to add in red that fit in. That means in very small doses! I actually like this better than my tree last year. The bits of red just add a little something extra.

I just need to work on the dining room and stairwell when I get a chance. So far it looks like Friday night is going to be the only time that's going to happen. My fingers might be sore from floral wire next week, but I am determined to get it done!


  1. Your tree looks beautiful and I love the reindeer. My tree is up but not decorated yet, hoping to get it done this weekend.

  2. I love it! I also do not like storing anything really big for christmas. I do not even have an artificial tree because I do not want to store it. We visit Old Time Christmas Tree Farm in Spring once a year and it really is a fun tradition.

  3. You are so far ahead of me! And I feel the same way about red in my house, so I try to use pinks instead. It doesn't always go over well with my husband and son though :) Your house looks amazing Jennifer!!

  4. Lovely Jennifer. I need you at my house. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.