My New French Chair for the Living Room

Aug 7, 2016

I've had this little French accent chair in mind to buy for the living room since I started designing it almost a year ago. It's been so hard to decide if it fits because it has to be angled a certain way so it doesn't block the fireplace on that odd short wall. It's from Restoration Hardware (who has been amazing by the way with delivery and any issues we've had), but since it would be a custom order I wanted to make sure it would be perfect so I've been undecided. I found a similar chair for much cheaper on Wayfair and I received it on Friday. I was thrilled with the upholstery and wood frame color, and just the overall look of it.

It looks beautiful, but once you sit on it but it's obviously not the same quality as my other furniture. I can't decide if it matters since it's an accent chair. The biggest issue is the size. It's 36" tall and that's not too short if it weren't for these really tall walls. On top of that, my husband makes it looks like a kids' chair when he sits in it. I keep thinking he looks like a Viking who stole Napoleon's chair. It's perfect for me though.

My husband's shoulders are about six inches taller than mine so there's no way he's sitting here. I'm thinking I will either return it or order a second one. Still undecided...

Before I leave you, I'm also working on finishing off the media room. There isn't much to do in here so it makes sense to finish it off. Football season is right around the corner after all...yay, I suppose. I have plans to add more artwork. You might notice I moved the living room gold plates here. I also want to add pillows, a rug and a few accessories. Not much! I can get this done and it will make me feel better that one room is officially done.



One thing I've realized is even when your house in chaos (in your mind at least), create one little vignette just for you. This is mine tonight. :)



  1. Hi Jennifer! You make me laugh because I totally understand your thinking on "should I return it, or buy more?" Might sound crazy to others, but I get it!! Everything looks great - I can't wait to see the football room :)

  2. I get exactly what you mean. I ordered a chair from Target and it also looked like a kids chair. It was completely out of scale in my living room. I returned it and kept my big leather chair which turned out looking just fine with my new white couch.

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