California Cool: Blackband Design

Mar 9, 2016

This is the time of year I want to re-decorate my home into something casual and coastal. I want a white stucco Mediterranean-style house surrounded by palm trees...exactly like the one being built behind my house right now. Wahhh! Don't worry, I'll be a complete creeper and take pictures for you when it gets closer to being finished. It's going to be a model home so I won't be the only one walking through there with my camera out. Until then I'll leave you with pictures of what I hope the designer will do to the interior of the house. One of my favorite design firms I found on Instagram is Blackband Design. They are the epitome of cool, casual California style.


Does anyone else need a vacation now? Luckily, I will satisfy my tropical locale craving soon. We're getting closer to figuring out the new pool details. As soon as we do it will take about six weeks to complete. Then, I can add all the palm trees my heart desires. I'll keep you posted!


  1. All of that gorgeous inspiration has me wanting a beach house (well, I have always wanted one, but now I want it more)! Yes, I need a vacation! How exciting to be building your own pool!

  2. OMG... Drooling all over! This home is gorgeous, but hey yours is very similar! A few extra touches and it's going to look the same!

  3. Those rooms are amazing! I hope you get your pool open for summer. And I can't wait to see the model home going up!