The Third and Final Boy Bedroom Reveal

Apr 5, 2015

Happy Easter! My kids already peeked in their Easter baskets this morning and ate all the good stuff aka chocolate. I suppose that's a good thing because I have a habit of sneaking the chocolate and also because I found Mario on the dining table eating what was left over. Easter is definitely different now that the kids are getting older. They used to get so excited to see what the breaking and entering Bunny brought them when they woke up on Easter morning, but now they are so blasé about the whole thing. Don't they look thrilled? My oldest son in the gray shirt tried to make a show of being excited, but brought his Ipad down and hid it behind his basket. Kids these days!

Mario was excited waiting for something to drop on the floor.

The best Easter ever is when the little naked man in the swim trunks (your guess is as good as mine) was a year old. I bought a bunny eared headband and took a picture of everyone in the family wearing it. He was only a year old, but he hated it. Every time I put it on him he put his head down in shame. Here he is in the background of a photo kicking those bunny ears in the corner. I just crack up every time I see this picture. 

But, today I'm talking about my 9 year old son's bedroom. That's this guy in the black shirt.

He doesn't normally look this tired, but he had a late night at a sleepover last night. He loves everything outdoor and rustic, and sports of course. That's why this room is perfect for him.

My favorite part of his room are these sconces I found at Lowe's. They give this room a bit of an industrial look to keep it from being just another boys sports room, which is what he asked for. I just realized he's missing his throw pillows. Unfortunately, my boys take "throw pillows" literally so they are always missing.

He has a thing for hoodies, but can't quite reach high enough to hang them in his closet. Hooks by the door to his room keep them handy.

More craftsman wood trim around the windows and doors.

I love this desk from World Market. It's just slightly bigger than a nightstand so it's great for a small room.

He really loves his room because it fits him perfectly. And of course this room was done on a budget. Aren't all my rooms? The Ikea bed and dresser aren't the best quality and we will buy something better in a few years when he is out of he destructive phase, as we did my older son. At least we only have to replace two pieces of furniture instead of an entire room redo.
I'm exhausted after redoing three boys bedrooms and all of the other projects I completed at the same time, but this was definitely a productive year. I only have one unfinished room in my entire house, my master bathroom, but I've made great progress in there already that I'll show you as soon as I take pictures. It's been a lot of DIY. I'm starting to really dislike those three little letters!


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  1. Another great makeover, Jennifer! I got a good laugh out of the "throw" pillows thing. And the bunny ears picture is too cute! Hope you had a nice Easter!