Nautical Boys Bedroom Reveal

Mar 24, 2015

As a mom of three boys I've tried to make their rooms reflect their individual personalities. It's tempting to do a sports themed room for each of them because they are what people call "all boy." They would be perfectly happy, but I love what makes them different from each other and I want to bring that into their rooms. My 7 year old is my youngest son and he's funny, vibrant and outgoing. Well, I hear he's shy and quiet at school. Thank goodness he keeps his wild side at home. He loves bright colors and I found a madras quilt on sale that led me in a nautical direction. That's how I work! I look for the hardest to find item in a room that's also going to be expensive and work off of that. This is one way I keep my costs low. I already had his louvered furniture and it's a perfect match for a nautical theme. The rest of his room came together with small décor items and a lot of DIY.

You could say this is the kid version of a bear skin rug. ;) I try to use as much of my kids toys, books and gamer stuff as décor. It's a lot less to store!


I took his nightlight/lantern off the wall and I'm using it in lieu of a lamp. His lamp kept ending up on the floor so it's now higher up on his dresser.

The $20 oar got a makeover with spray paint and new hooks.

I prefer two wide blue stripes in his room. It is easier to paint than multiple ones, but there was enough pattern going on in the quilt that it made sense, too. You can see that his room is functional, too. A place to store books by his bed, hooks for sweatshirts, and a pinboard for his artwork from school are must haves in all my boys bedrooms.

You can see how his room opens up right to the game room. His room has the same craftsman wood trim around the doors and windows that we built in the rest of the house. We also replaced his small and dinged baseboard with taller ones as well.
So what does little man think? He shrugs and says he likes it. Considering how much time he spends in here I think he is happy with it. I will walk by and see him enjoying himself in here, especially playing on the Ipad in his chair. He reminds me of an old man relaxing in his recliner. He loves to turn the nightlight on at bedtime, change out his artwork, and add new books on the wall for us to read. Without a doubt this room is functional. Everything he needs is in reach and able to be seen. That means this room stays semi-clean most of the time. Works for me!
Source List
Bedroom Furniture-Bought years ago at Bombay Company
Quilt, Chair, Lamp, Nightstand-Pottery Barn Kids
Octopus Pillow and Puppy-Target
Oar and Pinboard-Homegoos
Rest of  the wall décor-Hobby Lobby
Lantern and Red Rug-Ikea

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  1. Jennifer, I LOVE this room! Everything about it! The striped walls are beautiful, I love that it is two bold horizontal stripes and the color. That oar with the hooks is fantastic - I am looking now at my house where I can put something like that! Such a cheerful room for a growing boy. Great job!