The Easiest Outdoor Christmas Lights Ever

Nov 24, 2014

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to drive through the area neighborhoods and look at the Christmas lights. It's probably the only tradition everyone in my family looks forward to every year. Well, my husband doesn't love it like the rest of us, but he tolerates it as long as we stop by Starbucks first. I've learned as the only female in this house I can get my way about almost anything as long as I throw a little food their way first. Anyway, I digress. As much as we love the Christmas lights on homes we never hang them above the first story roof line. Not only do we have a two story house, but we have a third story gable and a very steep roof.


I can now get this house lit up in seconds with thousands of lights all the way up to the top of the third story gable. There is no hanging, climbing or Griswold antics involved. I just plug in one light and stake it in the ground.

That was a little anti-climatic. But, seriously check out what this one light can do.

Isn't this amazing?! One light! My neighbor across the street hangs lights on his roof every year and he said we were cheating. Cheating never felt so good! We positioned it so we could also light up the trees in the front yard, too. It comes with a remote and has different color options. I like the red and green mix the best, but we can also have just red or just green. I'm thinking this will be great for future pool parties. How cool will the red look on July 4th?

My mom told me about this light after she saw it on HSN (Home Shopping Network). I watched the presentation, but I wasn't completely sold on it and decided not to get it. She went ahead and bought it for me, and brought it over last night as an early Christmas present. I'm so glad to have this! The presentation I watched didn't do it justice. We tested it out last night and so many people walking or driving by stopped to ask where we got it. It's that cool! If you've ever been to Disney World and seen the light show on the castle then this will put what it looks like in perspective since it's the same technology.You can buy it here on the HSN website. I believe the square footage of how much it covers is listed, but for reference my house is 2300 square feet and I really only need the one light. 

It's about time someone came up with an easier solution than hanging lights on the house. I'm calling this my Christmas easy button!


  1. Wow, that is the best! I also have a very tall house and my husband put lights on the top once and never again! These lights look amazing! I have to go check it out, thanks for the tip!

  2. It's sold out, dangit! Such a great invention :)

  3. That is amazing, Jennifer!! Thanks for the tip on the awesome idea!

  4. WHAT!?!? Not know about this? My kids would love that so so much. I am going to click over and buy it right now if it is not terribly expensive Thank you!! PS - very good to learn the way to a man's heart early on ;)

  5. Stupid Siri. Meant "How do I not know this?"

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