Neutral Home Office Reveal

Sep 1, 2014

Remember that mudroom I was planning on finishing last week? Well, I took one look at the mess in there and shut the door on it. I'm not kidding. I literally shut the door after opening it and thought this can wait. After spending all summer long at home with the kids I wanted to celebrate them going back to school with a much needed shopping trip. ;) I found a large wall clock at ZGallerie last Monday I knew would be perfect in the office and it spurred a week long decorating spree. I've always thought of myself as a slow DIYer. Well, I obviously make up for it in the shopping department!

If you remember, this home office used to be a formal living room. We hired a contractor a couple of years ago to build two walls to enclose it and add a set of French doors, and voila...we have a home office. I bought the main furniture pieces, but I never finished decorating since I had already moved on to other projects. Well, it is now done!

I tried to camouflage the TV by adding a photo gallery of the kids above it and tall accessories on either side. I think it works since my mom never noticed it when she first looked at the room. The downside of having a TV in here is that my husband never wants to leave. He said he just needs a bar set up in the corner somewhere. I think he watches too many soap operas.

I have always loved neutral rooms and thought it would be a good choice in here since my husband and I share this office. I mixed light and dark shades of neutral, a touch of rustic for him, and a bit of feminine for me. I noticed I gravitated towards the darker shades and more rustic pieces while shopping this week, probably because I have fall on the brain!

This is also Mario's favorite room. The chair near the window is his spot to bark at all the neighbors walking by.

He takes his guard dog job very seriously.


Unfortunately, he is also the reason there isn't a rug in this room. It's a good thing he's cute.

This room is heavy on accessories. I noticed it helps distract your eye when the room is cluttered with work-related messes. I think I will have to try this approach in the great room. That room gets messy fast!


As with all of my rooms, this one was also done on a budget. Here are the details of where I got most everything.

Pottery Barn Desk-Found secondhand online
Credenzas and Baskets-Ikea
Desk Chair-World Market (with a coupon of course)
Desk Lamp-Ikea
Credenza Lamp-TJ Maxx
Wall Clock-ZGallerie
Mirrored Map Picture-Homegoods
Key on Wall-Garden Ridge
Burlap Pinboard-Homegoods
Orange Tray-Target
Side Chair-Target
Plaid Throw-Ikea
Throw Pillow-Pottery Barn
All Picture Frames-Target
Horse-ZGallerie (years ago)
Glass Vase on Desk, and Hourglass and Iron Globe on Wall Shelf-World Market
Globe on Credenza-Homegoods
Box on Credenza-Bought last year at Homegoods
Gray Candle on Credenza-Ikea
Letter Tray on Desk-Target
Copper Candleholders-Bought last year at Target
Basket on Desk with Accessories, "C" on Desk, Stack of Books on Desk, "&" on back Credenza-Hobby Lobby

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  1. Looks awesome Jennifer! Love the clock and accessories. I agree that the photos and tall items on the side of the TV help it to sort of blend in to the background! Now if only you could get your husband to stop watching so many soap operas, you might have more time in here! ;) Nice job.

  2. Love it and the soap opera comment. I can totally see him retreating in there to watch his "stories", too. Another fab job! Now you can come over and start on my house!

  3. Hahaa that was funny, picturing him watching soap operas! Your office looks awesome! I wish I have a space like that, love love LOVE that clock! I'll be working or watching tv in there all day long! :)

  4. You are so amazing - I can't believe ow much you accomplish. You always have something new to show. It looks awesome!

  5. I love it, Jennifer! I was going to ask about that key on the's fabulous! I just may have to get one!.

  6. It's so lovely, Jennifer. I just love it! I'll be featuring your office at The Scoop this coming Monday. Thank you for linking up!

  7. How do you like that desk chair? I've been looking for one but I don't know if I would like sitting in that chair for so long.! The makeover looks fantastic, visiting from the scoop!

  8. Great job on decorating your home office, Jennifer! You picked the right accessories for the room, and got the right colors to blend there. Anyway, it’s great to hear that you hired contractors for the room division. I’m pretty sure your expenses were well-spent, after you saw how your office turned out. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how your other rooms look like. Kudos!

    Arthur Bryant @ ContractorExpress