A Beautiful Birmingham Home

Aug 5, 2014

Have you seen Jersey Belle on Bravo? I happened to catch a few minutes here and there while I was putting away laundry last night. I laughed a little when they talked about southern women putting monograms on everything. So true! What really caught my attention is the home of cast member, Danielle. Birmingham magazine was there to shoot her home for a photo spread in the episode. I can see why! It's absolutely beautiful. I found pictures from the photo shoot, but I have to say you don't get the full effect you do on TV. I might have to tune into the show just to see more of this house.

The homeowners, Danielle and Bart. I would be smiling too if I had a kitchen like this!

I believe this might be the guest bedroom.


Unique sink and vanity

The other bedroom is pretty, but this one is amazing. I'm guessing it's the master.

Do you recognize the mirror in the foyer? It's the same one or very similar to the one I bought at Home Depot for my bedroom and dining room. Somehow I don't see these people buying their home d├ęcor where you can also pick up a toilet flapper, but you never know!


Love the floors!

This is one of those homes that makes me want to redecorate my own. I love the neutral colors and mix of styles. It's elegant, rustic, old world, and contemporary all in one. You can see more pictures here. What do you think?



  1. I love this house, too, especially the kitchen and family room. Like you, everything makes me want to redecorate too!

  2. I like the beams! Beautiful kitchen and bedroom. There are so many options out there it's difficult to commit to one style.

  3. Indeed beautiful! I love the kitchen and family room the most. Great tour!