Saturday Morning Gardening

May 24, 2014

Thank goodness it's Saturday! It was so nice to sleep in today and enjoy my coffee out on the balcony with Mario. I love sitting outside surrounded by pretty plants. I moved a few palm trees around yesterday and finally finished the rock waterfall plantings. It took a while to figure out where everything should go and corrected a few mistakes. Gardening does not come naturally to me, but I'm starting to get a feel for it. This could be my new addiction. Plant all the things!

The small palms (Pygmy Dates/Phoenix Robellini) were moved from behind the waterfall since I could only see the tops of them. I put them behind the patios, which also fills the gaps in the landscaping. My two new queen palms are now behind the waterfall. That's much better! They are a little close to each other, but after looking pictures I see huge ones planted that close. I would have just planted one in the middle, but we have a huge pipe there for the pool.

This is becoming my new favorite spot to sit. I feel like I'm hidden among the plants from the neighbors while still being able to see the kids swim.

The pygmy dates got a little trim this morning since they were starting to look like a palm shrub instead of a palm tree.

I didn't trim them too much because I like to use the palm fronds for d├ęcor.

I still have tons of work to do around the fences, but I'm starting to formulate a plan. This shady corner is home to a couple of new elephant ears that will hopefully grow fast and tall.

I love this side of the yard, but the roses probably won't ever cover the fence so they will get transplanted. They will look great in my front yard along with the white crepe myrtles we put in last year. I would like the front to have more of a cottage feel.

I'm not the only one enjoying the backyard. The pool is the big draw for my kids, but they also love to just sit out here with me. They even brought their breakfast out here this morning.

I'm so glad they are enjoying it as much as me. Have a great weekend!


  1. Your garden is beautiful.. and this post makes me long for those days when we lived in S. CA and had a pool. Gorgeous weather you're having! Seattle is a bit over cast and we will be happy if it stays dry for the weekend. xxleslie

  2. I am loving your obsession with outdoor plants because your yard is looking amazing, it's like a vacation getaway! The photo with the cut palm frond and the woven roman blinds overlooking the pool is so pretty. I also love to cut the palm fronds from our indoor palms and have them in vases around the house. Hope you are enjoying the weekend! xoxo, Sharon

  3. We've been working on the back yard a ton too, but I hate every second of it! I wish i could get obsessed with "plant all the things" but i totally dread it. You hard work is really paying off - it is a slice of heaven :)

  4. Oh, who wouldn't love to sit there and enjoy such beautiful space! Gardening is not easy for me neither :/ I guess, the more we keep on doing it, the more we learn. I planted three of those elephant ear bulbs like a month ago, I think I did something wrong because neither of them has pop out :(

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