Fourth of July Entertaining

Jun 28, 2013

Can you believe July 4th is next week?! After such a busy month, I am looking forward to sitting poolside and enjoying my husband's BBQ next Thursday. He loves to grill and has already loaded up on ribs since they were on sale last week. I'm already planning appetizers, side dishes and dessert, too. Here are some of my favorite Fourth of July pins that I might have to try out this year.
step-by-step tips for making the perfect #SummerPie
Get step-by-step directions on making the perfect pie here.

A delectable cocktail with strawberries and coconut water.

I wouldn't mind trying this strawberry and coconut cocktail.

{White Chocolate} Strawberry Cheesecake Bites #chillingrillin
These look so good!

#4thofJuly Cake Pops
Maybe cake pops for the kids?

#FourthofJuly Tart
And a tart for the adults.

We're planning on swimming at a local pool, and maybe heading to a festival and fireworks show if the kids are up for it (and it isn't 100 degrees outside). How about you, any plans this year?


  1. Our weather has been horrific and it is supposed to rain for a straight week. It definitely puts a damper on 4th of July festivities! Hope yours is great

  2. I hope the weather is good and you have a fabulous 4th....

  3. It all looks delicious, this is the part I struggled the most: the food! Thanks.
    Have a great Fourth of July!

  4. I wouldn't mind trying any of these, they look delish! We usually have some sort of plan for the 4th but we haven't even thought about it yet. It's my mom's birthday and we always do something during the day like brunch, but nothing yet planned for the evening. Have a good one!