Crazy Pool Progress

Jun 21, 2013

You aren't going to believe the changes to my backyard. I'm so amazed over the progress that has been made in just a week. Here's a recap.

Monday-Removed Four Huge Trees

I'm so sad to see the big oak by the swingset go, but hasta la vista pine trees!

After the mess was all cleaned up, the pool was drawn out again with orange paint. Stakes were also put up and that really gave me a good idea of what the pool is going to look like.

I had the kids stand inside the "pool" for perspective. My husband was out of town and wanted to see the progress. When I told them the pictures were for daddy, they decided to do this.

The little one obviously hasn't gotten down the concept of mooning.

Tuesday-The Digging Begins

I had a hard time watching this. The bobcat came within inches of my covered porch beams and it almost gave me heart attack every single time. The worst is what it did to my front yard.

It actually got much worse than this. It will be fixed, it will be fixed...

I did get excited once I saw the pool completely dug out.

Can you see it? I can see it. The hot tub is on the left. The two round areas are going to be fire pits. Yes, fire pits! In between the fire pits is going to be a waterfall. Thanks for all your feedback on the previous pool post. It really helped me decide on the waterfall.

They were just finishing up when I left the house to meet some friends at our community pool. I will not miss spending half an hour packing up my pool bag and cooler when we get this pool in! I figured they would be gone when I got home because they dug out the pool in one day. Nope! They had enough time to go ahead and put in the rebar.

Crazy! They were here into the evening hours until they completely finished the rebar. Can you believe they did this in one day?

On Wednesday, they put in piping for the water and were hoping to gunite. The truck was reserved that day and on Thursday. There are a ton of pools being put in right now from what I hear. But, no worries! The gunite is going in today. Next week, is going to be all about the rocks and stone coping. Can't wait!


  1. Love the picture of the kiddos in the "pool!" Lots of great progress -- how exciting!

  2. I am amazed a what all they have done in such a small amount of time! I'm excited and JEALOUS!

  3. Wow, that indeed is lots of progress! Pool, hot tub, waterfalls, two fire pits.... My goodness, you got it all! Can't wait to see it finished!