Christmas Home Tour 2019

Dec 15, 2019

I am so late with my home tour this year! It's been a busy time with work and the kids sports/activities. My middle son, Ryan, made the junior high basketball team and has practice or a game five days a week. That's in addition to his private basketball league two days a week! I'm also working as fast as I can on my clients' homes so I can spend time with the kids on their winter break. I have to admit that I wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit this year with the warm weather and being so busy. I learned my lesson though that waiting until after Thanksgiving to decorate is not a good idea for me since it takes so long to get everything up. I just finished today, which means there's only ten days left to enjoy it. I'm definitely going to wait until after New Year's to take it down!

Ivory, gold and greenery is this year's color scheme throughout the entire house. Normally, I add a bit of traditional color to one or more of the rooms. I love how everything blends this year instead of trying to get more than one look. I didn't buy anything new except three little cone trees for the dining room table, ribbon and greenery. I spent under $100! Honestly, I just don't need anything. I was shopping for a client this year with an eye out for my own house and I felt like I already had everything. Maybe I'll change things up next year, but I'll probably just add different color ribbon. Greenery, ribbon and a few ornaments/picks is really all you need. There is no reason to spend a lot of money unless there's just something you really love. 

Let's start in the foyer because I feel like that seems to be everyone's favorite!

I know I should probably add trim or art to this stairwell wall, but I have to admit there's something so pretty to me about it bare. It has a French farmhouse look that's rustic and glam at the same time. I know it won't be everyone's favorite, but I think this is my favorite photo. 

My deer took a seat on the floor instead of on the foyer table this year. I felt roses were necessary for such a pretty, romantic look. That was until Mario (on the sofa below) decided he does not like the deer at all. He made it clear by marking his territory on the deer. Thankfully, he's plastic and after a good cleaning he is now back on the table and safe from Mario.

Living Room

The 12 foot beast of a tree is back! I didn't change much up in here this year. 

I did add this long pretty satin ribbon to the mirror.

A close-up of the tree.

The Kitchen

Fresh greenery and minimal decor this year. Actually, the wreath is faux but even up close you can't tell the difference between it and the fresh greenery. 

Dining Room

I usually don't put a tablecloth on until it's time to set the table for my family. This year I decided I might as well go ahead and get it done. A plus is you can see how it's actually set instead of just staged. 

Master Bedroom

I never thought I would put a tree in the bedroom, but I wasn't feeling it in the foyer this year since it's flocked. I wanted everything to be green. Instead of putting it back up in storage I just moved it to the bedroom. I actually love it! I spend a lot of time working from my bed or just relaxing there in the evenings so I probably see it more than the one in my living room. 

I hope you enjoyed this year's Christmas home tour!

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