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May 15, 2019

I recently went to a make-up artist to get a course on technique, products and colors. I was happy to say I was mostly on track or I would have been really confused with how many products and techniques she used! Thankfully, most of the items in my make-up bag were great colors for me. I did a big Sephora and Ulta shop for the items I did not have the next day. It was great because I already knew I loved them before I bought them. If you want to get what a professional make-up artist recommends without the cost this post is for you!


I have a prominent brow bone. Instead of putting a dark color in my crease we raised it to the brow bone. Basically, put the darker color where you want minimizing to happen!

I wasn't going far enough out from my eye with my shadow. Draw a line from the outside corner of your eye up toward the end of your eyebrow.

Instead of using eyeliner use an angled brush with a darker brown color.

Use a black eye liner to connect the lashes. It's the area between your waterline and the outside of your eye. It seriously turned my hazel eyes bright green!

Contour just below your cheekbones, sides of your nose, at your jawline and on your hairline.

Use short strokes on your brows instead of drawing them in.

Add a little shine between your eyebrows, the tip of your nose, above your cheekbone and your chin.


I found out that the moisturizers, serums and primers are the most important if you want your makeup to go on smoothly. This was where I was seriously lacking!

I love this lipstick! I didn't even need a liner. It also stays on all day without drying my lips out.

We started with a hydrating lip masque. This might be my favorite product. I always have chapped lips because of allergies. This is the first time in so many years that I have not had chapped lips!

This new mascara is awesome! It has the best brush to get all of your lashes coated.


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