Beach Trip: Cabo San Lucas

Jun 28, 2018

We just got back last weekend from a fun trip to Cabo! My husband and I went for our friends' wedding. It was our first time there, but we have been to Cancun and Cozumel. It is a bit different with the desert landscape, dark blue Pacific water, gusty winds and really intense waves. The biggest surprise is that it was cool at night. I didn't bring one long-sleeved top since I thought it was going to be hot and humid. The weather is more similar to the California coastline, which makes sense considering the location. We stayed at Pueblo Bonita Pacifica and it was wonderful. The only downside is you can't get in the ocean because the waves are too big and there's a dangerous undertow. However, you can get in the ocean if you stay on the calmer bayside of Cabo. It wasn't quite hot enough to get in the water anyway. It was a rare sight to even see anyone in the pool! The weather was comfortable enough to sit on pool loungers in a swimsuit. That's such a change from our usual beach vacation.

I love a comfortable sundress for traveling. It can be tricky to wear them with a plunging back and/or neckline so I wear mine with a tube top underneath. I've linked a similar one at the bottom of the post.

I love a good swimsuit cover-up that can double as a dress. It's especially important at a beach resort when you may be walking into restaurants and having lunch pool side. I always make sure I have a maxi dress with me too in case I get too much sun on my legs.

I never thought I'd wear a crop top, but I fell in love with this cover-up when I tried it on. It's the beach anyway, right?! I love the high waist, too.

It felt like we were back in Capri on this sunset cruise! If you go to Cabo don't miss it. We were actually freezing on this boat ride. It was already cool so we texted our group and let them know we were planning to bring our hotel robes. Our Houston crowd didn't bring anything with sleeves either. There were 18 of us wearing white hotel robes. I'm sure we looked like we were part of a weird cult! We did take them off for photos, but I kind of wish we had gotten one with them on now. I had brought a maxi dress because I knew it would be windy, but it came in handy with the cooler weather too.

Dressed up for the wedding! I have wanted this Lilly Pulitzer dress forever and finally bought it a few months ago. It gets updated every year and comes in different colors too. I've linked this exact one from Ebay and Amazon to get you almost every size. 


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