Summer Dresses

May 18, 2018

It's the end of the school year, which means events to attend and vacations to get ready for in our family. I have bought so many summer dresses the past month from casual to cocktail. I wore two of
them this week! I went to Austin for a night earlier this week to attend the Reward Style city tour. It was so nice to meet other bloggers and social media influencers. Honestly, I just wanted a reason to go to Austin with my friend Melissa who was also invited. I've been dreaming of taco trucks and live music for months! It was too quick of a trip to really enjoy the city, but I got my taco. Unfortunately, I  burned my taste buds by adding too much green sauce I poured on it. Let's just say that was not guac. I should have known because guac is always extra!

I wore this red dress that has just a hint of orange. I love it because it's flattering, the color is great for photos, and it works for an event that is in between casual and cocktail. I found earrings to match it perfectly that you can't really see in this photo. I linked them below for a closer look. I wore wedges instead of heels because I knew we'd be in the grass. I was a little hesitant to even try on these 4 inch high wedges because I felt like I may fall or my feet would be killing me later, but they were so comfortable and I didn't even come close to toppling over. The sales girl kept saying the platform made them easy to walk in. I inwardly rolled my eyes at that, but she was right!

Isn't this just the cutest trailer with those flowers?

I had to rush back the next day so I could attend my oldest son's golf banquet. He's a freshman on the high school JV golf team. Most of the event was focused on the seniors headed off to college. I just couldn't believe my son was at the same event as college bound adults. He was just in junior high last year and now he has friends that have cars. We were leaving the golf course after practice earlier this year and he pointed to a Mustang next to us and said that was his friend's car. I said,"The person driving?! You have a friend that DRIVES?!" That was a wake up call that he is not little any longer if the facial hair, deep voice and five inches of height over me didn't do it.

We had a bit of last minute drama over his clothes. He said he was convinced he was going to wear his high school golf shirt, but it turns out he needed a button down shirt like the one I tried to buy him weeks ago. Yeah. The only shirt he had was one from Christmas. At least it isn't flannel!

I just love the orange color of this dress! It's so well made too, but that's not surprising since it's Trina Turk. My mom found it out shopping a while back and bought it for me. I linked similar ones below since this one is no longer available. I wore the same wedges from the night before since they were so kind to my feet!

I've linked other dresses and wedges I've had my eye on, too. There are so many great options right now!

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