Get Your Patio Ready for Spring: Mediterranean Style

Mar 17, 2018

It's almost spring! It's time to get your patio ready! I have a series of posts dedicated to outdoor decor by style. I'm starting with a Mediterranean style that you see in my own home. Some may say it's more French and some may say it's more Italian. The styles are very similar so we'll just go with the term Mediterranean.

I'd like to add a few new items this spring. One of the things that caught my eye this year are patio umbrellas. I've always loved a Capri style umbrella, but I've only seen them from high end manufacturers. This year I'm seeing Target and World Market carry them and for a much more affordable price.


How cute is the one with the fringe?! I have my eye on the blue striped umbrella just like the one in my vacation photos from Capri last summer.

My favorite plants to use are cypress trees, junipers, bougainvillea, lemon trees, boxwoods and mandevillea. I'd like to try an olive tree, but I haven't used one before so I'm not sure how one would do in this climate. Terracotta, cobalt blue and aged stone planters are ideal for a Mediterranean patio. I've found them everywhere, but At Home, Homegoods/TJ Maxx and Home Depot seem to have the most affordable prices.

More inspiration...

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