Finally, The New House!

Aug 25, 2015

When we started building this house in December it felt surreal, then I went though a phase of regret, and then through a phase of "How the hell am I going to do this!?" Between three kids, a dog who thinks he's a kid, a full-time job, a side job in design, and a husband that's out of town all the time...I was freaking out.

Now, I'm in a phase of just being glad my to do list is more of a yellow priority than red. My husband did help a lot with setting up utilities and working through the to do list I gave him. I had just enough PTO time to close on the house, but not to do anything else. We ended up closing on a Friday instead of a Wednesday because our loan people didn't realize our approval expired after 120 days. They had to rush the loan through and there was a point I was concerned we would be homeless. But, it ended up working out for the best because there is no way my husband could have guided the movers on where to put everything. Moving last Saturday was kind of a blessing in disguise. That would be a really, really dark disguise.

Anyway, now we're here! How do I like it? I am the first to admit I'm not good with change so it's a lot when I say that I absolutely love it! I don't think I let myself fully realize what it would mean to live here until we signed off on the papers just in case it fell through for whatever reason. The space is just amazing! I had no idea how much we would really enjoy it before. The biggest concern I had was the change of schools and neighborhood for the kids. A part of me felt like I was moving out to the middle of nowhere even though it's only 10 minutes from my previous home. Currently, we are the only family in a small subdivision of a large neighborhood. I thought it would be weird, but it's kind of cool. We can hit golf balls across the cul-de-sac without worrying about hitting another house. Plus, we get to tour all of our new neighbors' homes! We have a family that's moving in within the next week or two so we won't be out here by ourselves too long.

Of course, the entire reason for moving out here is being able to build our home with the finishes we chose. I ran to take pictures inside the house before everyone started bringing boxes in. No one was going to wait on me to take pictures after such a long day so some of them are a little crooked and awkward. Sorry! I'll make it up to you with some pretty pictures soon.

Don't worry, I've already ordered new sconces to replace the goth ones. I'm also planning out the trim for the mirrors.

These are the only lights that came with the house I like!

One of my favorite features of this house is the privacy. It's a good thing too since we don't have shutters yet on our windows.

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Home Office

Powder Room

That's just the first floor! I need to show you the media room, the kids' bedrooms, and the gameroom that's being turned into a home gym. Everything looks much better with furniture in it. Well, it kind of looks better. My furniture looks like dollhouse furniture in these big rooms. I've already started shopping and will show you some great things I've found.


  1. It's GORGEOUS!! You cracked me up with the change of sconces and framing the mirror in your mind, that's how I work too. :D Can't wait to see how you transform it into your own!

  2. A black slate!! I can't wait to see what you do, even though I know it will be amazing. I love the new lights in the bathroom in today's post. Have fun decorating this beauty!