Cool Pools: Inspiration for Our New Pool

May 28, 2015

I've been trying to write this post for a week now! It's as much for my potential pool builders as it is for you. We're coming down to the wire on having to submit a pool design to our homebuilder and I'm not any closer now than I was a month ago, but it's okay because I have two potential designs in my head. Between my son stealing my computer to play cool math games, work and too much fun on the weekends (I won't lie!), I've been slacking a bit on everything else. My husband just shoved a pad of paper and pencil in front of me today and said to get this pool design done. I've got to work on it before he comes up with his own design, probably a grotto pool worthy of a Hugh Hefner party and a slide coming down from the second story of the house. Yes, he's more fun than I am.

We built our current pool a little over three years ago and while it's a process, it's so worth it to get exactly what we want. There are so many decisions to take into consideration and I'm happy to make each one. I love the waterfall with the moss rocks and freeform design we currently have, but I'm looking to do something completely different in the new house.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a picture of a pool that fits the picture in my head. I have been able to find certain elements I like in different inspiration pictures. The first thing I have to consider is the style of our new home. It's a traditional brown stone and brick, but it has a bit of European influence because of the roof line.

One of the regrets I have about not getting the stucco and stone exterior is that I passed up an opportunity to incorporate the tropical look I love so much. But, when I was searching for a vacation rental recently in Alys Beach/Rosemary Beach, FL I realized a lot of their homes (and pools) have a European flair. Hmmm...I could do a little traditional, a little contemporary (because too much traditional is stifling to me), and a little bit of Old World style ala Alys Beach. That's a lot to take in when I describe it. I'll just show you in pictures.

What's not to love about this pool? I know you're probably thinking how am I going to incorporate this look into my suburban backyard. It's the rectangular shape and the Old World fountain that I want to take away from this design. I really do love it all, too. Maybe I can vacation there if I book at least 6 months in advance. If you follow my Instagram you know what I mean!

But, I also like the bowls on pedestals as a waterfall option.

And, while I like the simple rectangular shape of these pools I also love this more formal design for the hot tub and sun shelf. 

I can't decide if this is too fussy for my taste even though it's beautiful.

The waterfall has to come off a wall of some sort. I toyed with the idea of a cream colored stucco wall for more Old World style and a way to make a few palm trees work. It will probably get too wet for stucco and be a pain to maintain. There are stucco-like options that I'm looking into or I could just go with a cream colored smooth tile. I think I'm pretty much sold on an arched wall regardless of the finish I choose.

La Dolce Vita: July 2009

This one has a brick arched wall that's pretty, but there is so much brick on the new house I will go for a different material.
Another look I like is large planters partly built into the pool.  It softens the edges of the pool and keeps it from looking so flat.
Isn't this pool just amazing?
And, the last item on my wish list is a beach entry.
The mosaic tile on the edge of the beach entry is just amazing!
I'm glad I was able to find pictures of what I have been dreaming up in my head even if it's a combination of many pictures. Once I get a drawing back with the winning design I will definitely share it with you!


  1. So pretty! I especially love the ones with the fountains. I was actually just looking at backyard fountains for sale and I think I found the perfect one, but I'd love to just have a pool that has fountains in it intead!

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