My Surfer Dude’s Room Progress

May 14, 2014

If you remember, my youngest son (aka surfer dude) is getting a room makeover. There's still a bit of work to do, but since I'm the slowest DIYer ever I thought I'd show you the progress so far. I'm especially thrilled with these blue stripes on the wall.


My first instinct was to add some type of wainscoting, but I already have so many projects I need to finish that I wanted an easier solution. Since painting stripes is new to me I started with one wall to make sure it would turn out. I followed directions from several blogs (thank you blogs!) and I was amazed at how perfect these stripes came out.

Here's a closer look.


You probably already know how to do this, but I used a laser to help me tape a straight line and then I "sealed" the tape with the white paint already on the walls to prevent the blue from leaking. My jaw was on the floor when I took the tape off. I couldn't believe it actually worked!

I will admit that I never planned this room out. I was frustrated with the chipped paint and stick figures my son drew on the walls. I had some left over paint from the boys bathroom and went to town. There! It felt clean...and very white...too white.


I had a moment of panic. What the heck was I supposed to do now?! I considered wainscoting or using navy paint. I didn't want to caulk all that wainscoting and I knew navy would make this room too dark. I focused on the artwork/wall decor instead.



That was a good decision because all of that lighter blue in the accessories inspired me to go with a similar color on the walls. I chose a wide stripe because I didn't want the room to feel busy. I placed the blue stripes in the middle too so I didn't have to tape off the baseboards or paint near the ceiling with the blue color. You know that would have ended up all over the ceiling, right? This is basically just two blue stripes in the middle of the wall. Easy peasy.


Look at the difference!


The only request my son has made is to add more red in here. Besides finishing the painting, I'll be adding red accessories next. This oar will be getting some red stripes soon.


Despite having absolutely no design plan, I'm loving the direction this room is headed. What does my son think? He could not care less! As long as his chair is directly in front of the tv, he's good. He might only be six, but his man genes are in full force. I'm hoping that once I add the red accessories he might be a little more interested. I doubt it, but we'll see!


  1. The blue stripes are awesome! And perfect - that's so hard to do. But I have to argue - I think Ellie's room was the longest makeover ever, and still going....

  2. I just LOVE the stripes - such a statement maker for the room!!

  3. Love the stripes and color you chose! I need to update my son's room, but since he also doesn't care about it, I'm taking my time :)