The Big Pool Reveal

Jul 23, 2013

Check it out!

Here is my fast attempt at weekend decorating.

We're beefing up these beams by boxing in the originals and painting them white, but we can't finish them until the deck is acid washed later this week. When that's done the concrete will be a tan color. It just has a fine layer of dust on it right now.

I love these candleholders I found at Lowe's. I can't wait to find some LED candles to put in them. They are glass, but I put them in front of the beam. Who would walk into a beam? I probably will. I'm also going to put some potted plants in front of them too for extra protection.

Hopefully, in the next year or so we will have a summer kitchen where the grill is sitting.

A rug at the back door is a must because wet feet make this tile really slippery. I bought this one at Target.

And, I have a basket of towels ready by the back door.

Obviously, we've been swimming a lot since there's only one towel left! My husband put a doorbell on the bottom that chimes every time the door opens. We can hear it all the way upstairs, which is important with small kids. Excuse my dirty floors!

We still have a lot going on this week-irrigation, grass, acid washing the deck, finishing the beams on the back porch, and fixing fences. But, I'm okay with that because we can still swim! I can't wait to show you the fire pits on at night. My husband is out of town and I'm a little nervous to turn them on.

It was an amazing night when we filled the pool! The kids were just absolutely thrilled. We had friends and family over and everyone just had a blast. One neighbor said this would be a night we would always remember. I think he's right!


  1. I've been waiting for this and you did not disappoint!!! EEK, I love it! Love the color of the pool and the red accents, the lantern, the fire pits, the bulking up of the posts - all of it! I love that the boys couldn't even wait for the pool to be filled up to get in. So glad you had a fun pool inauguration night. :) Sharon

  2. Oh wow, so pretty! I'm still amazed at how quickly everything went. You made great choices, I love it all!

  3. It looks the rocks and how natural they look...

  4. STUNNING!!! The stone work is incredible, and I was blown away to see the fires at the end of the post - it just kept getting more and more beautiful!!

  5. This was a night you definitely will all forever cherish, as evident in your last picture. And with a pool and backyard like that, I don't doubt that there are more fun memories to come. Maybe that’s the reason why residential pools got invented, to add fun and happiness in our home. Cheers!

    Joanne Henry @ Tranquility Pools