My Favorite Way to Add Color

May 21, 2013

I love color, but it's hard for me to commit since I'm so fickle when it comes to my house. What I love today will become my nemesis in a year. I prefer neutral rooms with pops of color so it's easy to change. I think the phrase "pops of color" make people nervous because they think of a stark white room with bright red accessories, lol. Here are a few examples of well placed color.

This living area appears neutral, but if you look around carefully there are a few different ways blue and green have been incorporated into this room.

Your eye does not settle on one colorful object in this room. Instead, it travels from the pillows to the drapes and to the bookcases.

All of these rooms are cheerful, but the color is in the details. It would be so easy to change out the accessories for a completely different look. The key is to have enough color so your eye is not drawn to one item in the room. Distributing the color around the room reduces the "pop" effect. It's also an easy way to decorate. Find a print pillow or rug you love and pull from there. The rest will fall into place!


  1. Love these - they have color but it's harmonious. Great thoughts on this subject!

  2. Nice collection of this design style! Very different from my house, but I have always loved that look and would consider it the next time around :)

  3. Totally agree! Great examples. I really love the first two. Have a great day!

  4. Such beautiful examples. I tend to go neutral and add pops of color in my rooms too. LOVE that living room with the sectional!

  5. Oh, they are all beautiful rooms! Perfect examples.

  6. These homes look stunning. I like how to colors play with each other and create a beautiful interior design. And most of all, I like how plants add to the home's beauty and give it a more natural look. You have a wonderful site.

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